Dream interpretation: the cemetery, the grave - what dream?

For most people, the cemetery is a very grim place associated with death and eternal separation from kith and kin.What if the final resting place we dreamed while sleeping?Should we prepare for some disturbing and even tragic events?Or, on the contrary, such a vision promises us something good?For answers to these questions we refer to a number of the most accurate and complete dream books nowadays.

Dream Miller Cemetery, graves dream - to what?

In accordance with the interpretation of the source, a walk through the graveyard in winter dreamer promises a long and hard struggle against poverty, as well as the possibility of prolonged separation from loved ones.If you were at the cemetery in the spring, soon you waiting for the joyful event and a great pastime in the company of friends.For a man in love dream in which he finds himself in the churchyard with her beloved, a warning appears that they were not destined to marry.If the cemetery in your dream was beautiful, and the grave it is very well maintained, then you are waiting for the good news about the health of the person you were preparing to mourn.If you see an abandoned cemetery with overgrown weeds, gravestones, there is a risk that you will be abandoned by loved ones, and in old age you will be taken care of complete strangers.Sleep, in which the children have fun playing among coffin plates, dreamer promises good news and good health.

old French dream book: cemetery, grave dream

According to the compilers of the dream book, dreamed graveyard heralds the imminent acquisition of well-being and prosperity.Bad sign is considered a dream in which you saw in the cemetery a pile of human bones.This vision promises a sad and painful events.

Italian dream book: cemetery, grave

This source considers dreamed cemetery as a symbol of regression stops.You risk to be in a hopeless situation or in a situation out of which you will not like.

psychoanalytic dream book: cemetery, grave dream

This dream may be a reflection of your thoughts about the deceased loved ones forever.It is possible that these thoughts inspire you thinking about the hopelessness and the impermanence of things, and there is not far to depression.Try to cheer up, tune into the optimistic and start enjoying life.

What dreams graveyard: A modern dream interpretation

Search grave in the cemetery - to the probability of failure for a serious matter which has been entrusted to you.Son of an old, abandoned cemetery is seen as a happy turn of a seemingly hopeless case.If a young representative of the beautiful half of humanity dreamed that she wanders among the graves alone, it risks to get married and later regret what he had done.

Russian dream book: cemetery, grave

This source considers dreamed graveyard as a probable loss in any case in which you have every chance of success.