Passport waste: characterization of this document

waste passport is a document that indicates their composition and membership of the relevant type, and class of hazard.He formed and approved by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

passport of waste drawn up on the matter I-IV class security.Taken into account the following properties:

• toxicity;

• blast and fire;

• excessive reactivity;

• presence of infectious agents.

Code and name of waste specified in accordance with the FWCC.For each type of matter must develop separate waste passport.

Toxicity depends on the ability to cause severe disease in humans or chronic, including cancer pathology.Fire hazard is determined by taking into account the waste can emit flammable vapors or gases, fast light, heat or cause fire in contact with water or air.

reaction properties are determined by the content of organic substances, which are characterized by a bivalent structure and the replacement of hydrogen atoms by organic radicals.

waste passport also includes information regarding the level of risk to the environment, life and health of people of different substances.It must indicate the technological process by which form harmful compounds as well as the conditions under which the product or products the output lost consumer properties.

I must say that the owners of the waste if necessary, must apply the proper labeling of containers indicating the hazardous properties of substances that are stored in them.Passport hazardous waste is required to have the position of "additional information", which sets out actions that should be used for the prevention or elimination of emergency situations that are associated with dangerous substances.

addition, hazardous waste should be stored in specially equipped places.Never mix safe and hazardous compounds in the production process, storage and transportation.

passports Development of hazardous waste is carried out with the participation of Rosprirodnadzor and the territorial bodies.This takes into account the information provided by the owner of the waste.This should include data on the origin, composition and properties, environment and location, application technology and disinfection.This document must contain and recorded in the period before the first export of any part of the waste outside the enterprise or the area where they were formed.

is worth noting that on the basis of laboratory research also issued a certificate attesting membership of substances to a certain class of danger.

should also say that the appearance of a more complete and accurate information, the passport of waste should be updated and re-register.In addition, if the substances are changing their hazardous properties due to changes in the technology of their education, the preformed sheet to them shall be void.