What documents are required for the privatization of today

The Russian Federation has repeatedly established deadlines free privatization of housing.Experience has shown that citizens rush to the organizations involved in this procedure, at the last moment, where faced with the fact that they do not know what documents are to be privatized may be required.

main document regulating the transition to private ownership of housing in Russia is the law number 1541 - 1, released in 1991 (July 4).It includes a definition of privatization, the list of objects to be and not to be transferred to the property.In accordance with Article 7 of the number, the transition to private ownership transfer agreement is made, which is between individuals and institutions, who owned the data objects previously living (local government, institutions, enterprises and others.).

Procedure transition housing in private ownership may be slightly different for different regions.However, there is a list of documents for the privatization, which is used everywhere.It is as follows:

- One copy of the statement of the form of seven.

- Two copies of the certificate in the form of nine.

- Copies of the order, certified by the housing office - 2 pcs.

- regulation issued by executive authorities, on the basis of which was formed by the order if it was issued after the first January 1998.

- resulting in PIB cadastral and technical passport and two copies of these documents (issued on the basis of forms 7 and 9).

- notarized refusal to participate in the privatization process and copies of passports refuses (or his personal presence).

- Passports, birth certificates of all persons applying for the privatization, and photocopies.For persons from 14 to 18 years old are required as a passport or birth certificate.For people under the age of 14 years need only a birth certificate.Note that when documents are submitted for privatization, it is necessary that all applicants personally present.

- notarized power of attorney, a copy of passport and a copy of the principals of the power of attorney, in case someone from applying for housing in private ownership can not appear in person.

also documents for the privatization of housing imply the presence of:

- notarized power of attorney in the FRS on all persons who are involved in privatization, and her two photocopies.

- Documents confirming the change of name, surname and patronymic, if any.

- Permits structures of custody and guardianship, if necessary.

- protection certificate for reserved spaces.

- shaped nine certificates from all places of residence and confirmation of non-participation in the privatization of the regional agencies for those who have changed the place of registration.

- Agreement on social engagement and its copy (if it was signed).If there are citizens who refuse to privatization, if the contract of social hiring, they need to provide an additional power of attorney, certified by a notary, on the termination of this contract.

documents for the privatization of the premises administered by departments (economic or operational) include a certificate from the FRS on the registration of the right of operational and economic management of this location.Also we need a power of attorney to the head of the departmental structure and the order appointing him.

Once the applicant has submitted the documents for privatization, he can count on a reply within two months.Just come into the ownership of the premises from the date of state registration of property rights in the appropriate public register.