Cheryl Cole married three months after the first date

Discussions quickly calm down, although it is in the Western press to discuss this news in every way.Pop star and judge talent show "The X Factor" Cheryl Cole earlier this month secretly married her French friend Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini .

31-year-old Cole has made an official statement yesterday, to stop further speculation about his private life.

couple reportedly met only three months, and then waved to the private island of Mustique, where he married.

"I usually do not discuss my personal life, but to stop further speculation, I want to share my good news," - said Cheryl British newspaper Sun .

"Jean-Bernard and I were married July 7, 2014. We are very happy and excited to move forward through life together already."

Recall that Cheryl Cole split from her first husband, footballer Ashley Cole in 2010.Then the actress for a while met with dancers Derek Howe and Tre Holloueyem, and recently met a 33-year-old businessman Jean-Bernard .As they say, it happened at the concert Cole in the London club The Arts March 11, 2014.

"It is amazing, - said Jean-Bernard, see Cheryl on stage. - ... I was very, very impressed. My English is better than the French, but I teach it in different words. Basically bad! And it givesI learned Geordie ".


many years Geordie accent , inherent residents Tyneside, was considered an indicator of lack of education and low social class of its carriers, as well as their hostility to communicate with people.In particular, the leading television and radio were forbidden to broadcast on Jordi because of the specific features of the pronunciation.With the advent of a new trend of growing praise "all Geordie" relevant to the accent in English society changed.In many ways, this contributed launched in 2005 by the BBC project called Voices , proclaimed the equality of all English dialects.Also, some television programs began to be conducted on Jordi, which contributed to the strengthening of the status of the accent in English society.In particular, the TV program called Auf Wiedersehen Pet , as well as actor and singer Jimmy Neal managed to popularize the local dialect.At the moment, for many people in England accent is an expression of cultural identity and national pride.

Photo Source: Daily Mail, Mirror