What is TCP, or How to protect yourself from fraud?

our streets and avenues a "bursting" of the Manual on the sides of trucks, and what can you do - progress.And he came to the point that the car was the usual means of transportation.No one is deprived of the chance to ride with the wind and saying "it is better to go bad than good to go" became a motto of present time.

Cars have become virtually "members" of our society, hence the need to have documents, as we all do.It sounds wildly, but at the motorist on his iron horse should be enough.During their absence or incorrect design threaten trouble, up to disqualification from driving.

main document of the car - a vehicle passport (TCP).What is the title for the car?Almost all.An experienced man, considering the content of this just look unprepossessing leaf, can tell quite a lot.Including the "status" of the machine at the time of Dunn, that is to say, legal or not.

What is PTSD?Title - this is a document that gets the owner of the first purchase or import a vehicle into the country.From this point on in this form of the state sample containing all the notes about the owners, the identification numbers of the vehicle and any changes to them, as well as a huge amount of information required.It describes the color, model, year, coun- manufacturer, capacity, type of engine, etc.

first time custom form Title issued or firm-seller, with the loss of the document restoration TCP borne by the territorial department of the traffic police.By the way, according to the press organization that issued the document can determine the car with "a dark past."

In particular, all imported cars must have the form stamped customs.Other options may be, but this is the exception rather than the rule.It is believed that this Title (with the seal of an organization) requires a more thorough check.

judge its authenticity can be and the manner of execution.Almost all documents are filled on your computer.Other options are rare and should also cause concern.By the way, some banks refuse to issue the loan on the security of the car on the duplicate document, because this may indicate a TCP offenses in the design and lead to difficulties in the future.

necessary to very carefully look closely to TCP purchasing a car.Choosing a car in a showroom can not protect you from dubious purchases.

According to experts, Russia has a sufficient number of expensive foreign cars imported into the country without going through customs.This was the reason for the Customs checks.To all those who have become victims of fraud will be invited to formalize the documents of the vehicle.

It uses TCP cheaters in their scam.Therefore, to protect themselves from fraud, the document must be given special attention.Despite the fact that in our country there is the judicial practice of recognizing cars with false documents, problems with the registration and operation have not become less.Be carefull!