That began married life ...

the other day with my wife and granddaughter (4.5 years) sitting on one of the benches near the suburban offices, waiting for the train, to which more nearly two hours.Next to relax or spend time motley crowd.

who visited Kaliningrad to South Station, knows that cash is on the way to the suburban trains, as if in a tunnel with a separate entrance.Having nothing to do watching the world go by.A proximity with the day, and weddings one after another pass by, some stopped near us on the forecourt.From cars poured newlyweds and discharged audience celebrated champagne or something stronger.Leave.Some wedding (most likely came from the area of ​​registration) are loaded into buses and go to them.

Suddenly a wedding, or rather, its youth component (the bride and groom, witnesses and a dozen young people) briskly directed at us, we are naturally interested in.The entire campaign comes in the tunnel, the witness on the road to the station wrap up the tent for a moment and comes out with four bytylkami champagne.Twenty minutes later, all the little gaiety go back to them - a few people dressed clearly not for the holiday, some - in the form of railway.It is understandable - the bride works here and decided to visit the staff ...

groom for some need to be sent to the machine, and the bride with the two girls coming off to the side of the entrance, there is a nook formed in the wall of the projection, which, judging by the many buttson asphalt, it is used primarily as a place for smoking, and ... well, takes them a cigarette and lights.

Frankly, luxuriant white beautiful dress with bare shoulders, pretty face, and suddenly chic hairstyle - Cigarette in hand, littered with "bulls" zaplёvanny asphalt is not very beautiful composition is obtained.Just as I thought when I heard a loud ringing voice of our children ditenka: "Such a beautiful wife and smokes, although so bad, Grandma?".

people around smiled, some even began to laugh.I accidentally turned his head to the left, saw red as a lobster groom who was passing at the time by us.He abruptly rushed to the bride, snatched the cigarette from her hand and began to speak sharply, she blushed and ran back into the tunnel to the booths, he and the witness of her.Girlfriends, exchanging glances, left.

Five minutes later, he left the witness came to him and asked to come to the young as a "support group."Asked what was and how pretty loud, concise answer in one word, "shit."

What immediately followed immediately (loud, loud as taught in kindergarten) Comment our offspring, "Grandma, is it true you can not say so, it is necessary to say Kaka!"

smiles before the people began to crawl with benches, and his wife uttered: "That started the family life ..."

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