How to find music on the music: all the existing methods

Quite often, users are faced with the fact that they can not remember the names of the songs that are "cool head".Or want to know the artist name of the new track, playing at the moment.But how to find music on the music, knows not everyone.

Fortunately, there are now a lot of services that allow to determine the fragment of a song.

This site offers a user who wants to find the music on the sound, put in a special field link to a video or audio to an mp3.The melody also can be downloaded to the server.The system will try to recognize the track and give the right result.From the power of the computer user does not depend.Because the system takes mp4-processing files, their owner will not have to keep track of the clip separately.


How to find music on the music, not being available to exactly match the original melody?This online service can easily find the right song.They do not have to have a unique timbre and a large vocal range.This service is easy to use as a piece of music, you can easily burn a specially designated button.After the user-specified action system starts to search for music by a certain algorithm.

is a search engine to identify music tracks.Not the easiest-to-use service.Even with a convenient online interface is not every user becomes clear where to find music as online application is, no search results.

last in the list of sites offering the service in recognition of the track online.To start the search, enter into a special field of the famous words of a piece of music and press the button.Service to find text tracks that contain the phrase, and displays the results.The longer the famous phrase, the more likely that the site will offer the desired song.Otherwise, the system displays the results of a lot of unnecessary nothing displays.


most popular program for operating the computer systems Windows and Mac OS.It is required to the user during search song.How to find music on the music on your computer?With the program you want to record a fragment and immediately sent to the site.Use can be as a microphone, and line-out computer.After this is done the user will receive a link to the information requested on the music track.It is not necessary to compare online services programs for the computer.In each case, it may work better or something else.In most cases, the use of multiple services is yielding positive results.


is a free program to identify the compositions.It works a bit faster than Tunatic.The program is easy to learn, can be minimized to tray.Save your search history.The program is implemented technology Gracenote.In the search results the track can be read not only the name but also the album, and the address of the website where you can purchase the song.There you can find information about concerts and albums of other groups, and more.The app is virtually all the requested songs.It only works with normal audio quality.

MusicIP Mixer

program can not only identify music tracks, but also to look at the database similar tunes.During scanning libraries for each composition is calculated footprint, with which the identified song.

Magic Mp3 Tagger by MusicBrainz

Another program to identify music tracks.It works on the same principle as the rest.


One of the first programs of recognition tracks created for Sony Ericsson. Currently, the Swedish-Japanese company has developed it offers a standard service for all mobile phones.In addition, there is a computer version of the application. How to find the name of the music for the mobile phone?The principle of the program is based on recording the passage of a small (no more than 12 seconds).Then this piece is sent to the site, and after a while the user enters all the information on the track, if it exists in the database.An alternative program may be applications Shazam ID and Midomi Mobile mobile system Symbian, and MusicID for simple phones.In the latter there is the history of a user search.


Thanks to such programs, anyone eager to learn how to find music on the music finally be able to get information about the track of interest.Of course, the databases can not provide all of the songs, but the most popular is there uniquely.