What is the Old Testament.

Many people of our time, being constantly immersed in work and daily care, do not have time to thoroughly learn about what the Old Testament.Of course, everyone knows that it is the Holy Scripture, which is the initial of the Bible.However, its origin, structure and characteristics of the unit aware.Now we will try to unveil the mysteries of the sacred and consider in detail what the Old Testament, as it is interpreted and what it consists.

General description

Old Testament referred to the oldest part of the Christian Bible.It is also the most ancient Jewish scriptures (Tanach), which has for the people of this great sacred significance.The Old Testament - it is possible to tell the general rules for all religious Christians and Jews.They include an instructive stories, myths, dogmas and compelling large part of real events, that is the story, in which many researchers have restored picture of the past.

language question

Thoroughly understand what the Old Testament is based on the language in which it was originally drafted.The bulk of the books that are part of it, were written in Hebrew, in the period from the 13th to the 1st century BC.But some of the books of Daniel and Ezra compiled in the time interval from the first century BC to the third century AD.These scriptures written in Aramaic.These data make it possible to understand what the Holy Scriptures from the very beginning of its existence meant one ethnic group - Semitic.But later, when the new Christian religion needs a certain foundation, namely books and the myths of the Old Testament was translated into the Greek language.So there were the origins of the Christian Bible, we are satisfied with today.

Canons of the Holy Scriptures

Perhaps, today everyone knows that all the commandments of the Old Testament, its history, myths, legends, and other sections in each branch of Christianity have very different interpretations.Some parts of the Bible that are present in, say, Catholic publications completely unacceptable for Protestants or absent in Orthodoxy.Far from the other world appears to the Old Testament, the Jews who profess.Tanah stands for them in a special light, since their religion and traditions are fundamentally different from ours.In this issue there are three main tract - the Jews, the Orthodox and Catholic.Some sources can also find the fourth - a Protestant, but he is completely identical with the Jewish.

Jewish canon

oldest and part-Jewish version of the Holy Scripture is called the Tanach.It consists of three parts, which still professed Jews in the ancient language.The first part - the law or Torah.It includes the five books of Moses.It is followed by prophets or Neviim.Here his presentation painted the prophets of the Old Testament.It is because of their status as this section was divided into three parts - Early Prophets, late and small.Mark is that Neviim there are also many historical records that are truthful.The third part of the Old Testament - a Scripture or speak their native language, Ketuvim.There are stories of the sages of Israel, as well as the sacred poetry of the oldest years.

Alexandria canon

Once in Alexandria Tanakh was translated into Greek language, a new version of the future of the Bible - the Septuagint.In its structure, the order of arrangement of the books and other moments it is fundamentally different from the original version, because the Jews and did not accept it, while creating a front of a religious confrontation.So, the first part - the Pentateuch, or Deuteronomy, often referred to as Genesis.Part Two - the history books.Mostly here collected stories of Joshua.The third part of the Septuagint - is poetic books.This original legends of the Old Testament, which are quite instructive and carry a lot of morals.They include the writings of Job, a book and talk to King Solomon's Ecclesiastes.The last section of the fourth includes prophecy - Malachi and Isaiah.There also needs to be emphasized that it is in the Orthodox Old Testament there are 39 canonical books and 11 non-canonical.Looking at the same Testament through the lens of Catholic, it can be seen only 46 canonical books.

revision of the Hebrew prophets again

In fact, the names of the characters that made up the Holy Scriptures, which became the basis of the two religions at the same time, for a long time at the hearing for each person.But to be more specific, we have compiled a list of the "top" of them - or earlier, and then look at the rest - the late and small.Major Prophets of the Old Testament - is indisputable Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.Later, are Jonah, Joel, Hosea, Amos, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Nahum, Micah, Haggai, Malachi, Zechariah Obadiah.In general, the prophets in the books argued that any moral and ethical values ​​should always be higher than cultural.What's most important - their teachings have been and remain the foundation of Judaism, and they became the foundation of Christianity in all its forms.

Bible - a fairy tale?

From childhood we all know that, even in just a fairy tale has its own morality, doctrine, that it is necessary to draw that is useful in life.It is from these stories, which vastly teach us to live in accordance with God's law, is almost half of the Bible.Myths of the Old Testament - is instructive stories that have been passed in writing from generation to generation.They are useful for children and adults, because they are recommended to read as often as possible.Among the most famous of those, you can select the story "Judith and Holofernes".Also useful is the story of Susanna and the elders false.Each is clearly on hearing the famous "the Court of Solomon", as well as a small tales "David and Goliath".

Interesting story Tablets

According to tradition, the Old Testament commandments were given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai.They were carved on tablets - stone tablets, which, as many claim, and became the first version of the Bible.Lightning struck the rock, splitting it into two parts.Each of them had carved the ten words, which became the foundation of biblical laws.Briefly list them below:

  • I - thy Lord.
  • not make for yourself an idol.
  • Do not mention the name of the Lord in vain.
  • Six days you shall labor, but on the seventh - to do nothing.
  • Honor your father and mother.
  • not kill.
  • not commit adultery.
  • Thou shalt not steal.
  • will not lie.
  • You shall not covet your neighbor's house.


Briefly, we figured out that this Old Testament.We have learned, by whom and when it was drawn up, from which pages can be folded and can teach all of us.It should be noted that the Holy Scripture is not without reason one of the greatest in the world.It lies almost everything that can help a person to become even better in our time that will help to get out of a difficult situation.