Andersen "Thumbelina": summary

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in our country have long been popular Hans Christian Andersen."Thumbelina", a summary of which is set out in the article - one of the favorite fairy tales by Danish writer.


In December 1835 the work was first published in Copenhagen.Critics have reacted to him with disapproval.Only one wrote that delightful tale.Really liked the children "Thumbelina".Summary of the tales will not be able to fully transfer its charm.It is better to buy the book in the store.

image of the heroine

This little girl.Measuring just an inch.She is courageous, patient and persistent.The girl had a good heart and always tried to help anyone who was in trouble.

Andersen "Thumbelina": summary

The tale speaks of a woman who had no children, but very much wanted.And on the advice of a witch she raised barley grain of a little girl.She became the cradle for walnut shells.In it she slept at night, and a day to play on the table.There's the girl stood the whole lake, more precisely, a deep dish with water, and were laid out along the edge of the flowers.Thumbelina sailed through its small lake and sang songs.She was a beautiful and gentle voice, it is better that no one heard.

But once in a relaxed and joyful life Thumbelina broke big toad.She snuck out the window at night, where there was a cradle girl.Toad stole Thumbelina to marry because of his ugly son.The girl was carried to the middle of the river and put on a plate so that it does not run away, and you can organize a wedding.

When the toads went home to prepare for the newlyweds, Thumbelina began to cry.She heard the fish and decided to help.They gnawed stem leaf, and swam a nice little girl from these toads.And then she came to the May beetle, but his friends found the girl too puny and ugly.Then he left Thumbelina on camomile.Annoyed, she sat and wept.It seemed to her that she was ugly, but actually was pretty.

Thumbelina reached the field mouse, which it is heated and fed.She advised the girl to marry a rich mole.But he was old and did not like the heroine, she wanted to escape, but did not know where.

Throughout winter Thumbelina nursed swallows that all presumed dead.But the girl, heard the beating heart birds.Spring swallow had to fly, and she called to him his savior.But she refused because she did not want to go on a field mouse.When it started to go to the wedding with a mole, she began to regret not then flew with the bird.And the main day before marrying Thumbelina begged on the street to say goodbye to the sun, where she met swallow.And this time she refused to fly with it.

They flew together in a warm region where Thumbelina was on the flower next to the king of the elves.At the end of the fairy tale king elves he proposes to her, and the wedding she gets a pair of wings.

Artwork "Thumbelina", a summary of which is set out above, must read every child and adult, and in full.