How not to harm their child "education"?

to your child in the future, do not run on psychology - that's 26 ways to help you make cool childhood child.

All parents want their child to pursue happiness and only good intentions, but often are not even aware that their actions lead directly to the child's life hell.That in the future your child not to run for psychologists, vying say not that all his problems, "childhood", it is necessary to make this childhood was great.The most bright, cheerful and better.

26 ways to help you organize it:

- Question number 1: "I raise an obedient and successful person?»

- When a child does not listen to you, remember the issue № 1.

- Even the smallest childMom knows best him warm or cold, whether he has or has not, he likes something or do not like.

- Children copy their parents.It makes no sense to scold them for their shortcomings, they have taken from you.

- tend to provide the child a choice.For example: what (and how) to eat, what to play, where to walk.So he learns.

- If possible, do not bother getting a negative experience.Let mistaken: nudezha experience better.

- It is better to insure the child to dangerous "lazilkah" than to scare its possible dangers.

- Take care of the child when he can not take care of themselves, and do not deprive him of the right to do for himself what he could have.

- The best way to learn - do together.

- Share technology: how it is done.

- When a child is ill, it is necessary not to teach, but to love: hugs and sweet words - that's all you need.

- What you stronger, does not mean that you are always right.

- A great way to limit the time for the screen - many circles and sections.The best and most interesting.

- The first criterion in choosing a nanny, tutor, teacher, coach - love for children.Just do not confuse it with "syusyukanem."

- Pocket money is better not to give, and to give as a salary for the performance of duties and bonuses for achievements.

- The more you respect your child, the more chances he has to grow into a respected man.

- Fortunately, parents do not always messy simultaneously.Therefore, those who remember the question number one, can protect a child from the second.

- You are entitled to something not know.You have the right to make mistakes.Do not pretend to be infallible - it's ridiculous.

- If someone put on a post (among other things) to scold and punish your child, do not duplicate his work.But praise where those nedohvalivayut.

- Learn the issues.Independently valuable gotovenkogo found the answer.

- You are, incidentally, is also a man: do not sacrifice for the sake of the child.Your ability to defend its interests and take care of yourself - a perfect example to follow.

- If your child gets your attention, just aching, he will do it more often.Play with him when he's healthy!

- «carrot and stick" - a great way to raise an obedient child.

- Do not force your child to realize your dreams - better implement them yourself.You are not too late!Children will copy one or the other.

- nakosyachil?Ask for forgiveness.And do not make it into the next session of morals.

- If the promised punishment for something, punish.Cancellation penalties - is a fraud.

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