As the original proposal to make the girl to surprise?

Every man, sooner or later meets his soul mate.Favorite want to constantly surprise and delight.When both happy and confident in their choice - the time comes to play the wedding.But how to make a girl original proposal?After all this time she will remember for a lifetime, so you want to come up with something unusual and creative.

How original proposal to make the girl?Methods "in between times»

to surprise your soul mate, it is not necessary to organize the event with the infamous limousine, relatives, friends, champagne, flowers and a ring - yes, it's beautiful, but unoriginal.What is important is the effect of surprise.

This option is for the one day reading the newspaper or a magazine.The young person needs to take care of everything - to visit the office and buy out advertising space.On the page of a magazine or newspaper to place a favorite photo with a proposal of marriage.Be sure to pick up the photos of excellent quality, which is like the bride herself.

How original proposal to make the girl with the help of the TV?

She likes to watch TV?Excellent!On the regional channel redeem a place for advertisement.Refer to a specialized agency (media and advertising).It is necessary to remove the clip in a beautiful location, the bride to be dressed in a tuxedo.Holding in one hand the wedding ring, the guy has to say the words of love and at the end to ask a question about whether she will marry him.Learn in advance when they turn the TV on your video.The girl should be in a room alone, and you - get in the end, elegant with a bouquet and give her the ring.

How original proposal to make the girl in the style of adventure games?

To implement this idea, you must work hard.The scenario is this: you and your favorite're going to walk around the city in search of treasure.You Riddler, the answer to that will be the names of shops, cafés, cinema and a key point - the registrar.In these places to hide a rose, box of chocolates, champagne and a ring.Had agreed with vendors and employees registrar.Do not forget to find out the day of application and take a passport.

How to make the original proposal to the girl?

In the big cities, this method is easy to implement if funding allows.It is necessary to hire a plane that will fly with a large poster "... (name), will you marry me?".

Simple and easy

How original proposal to make the girl, but simply and effectively?Pre buy a beautiful engagement ring with a big diamond.While the favorite sleeping, put it on her finger.Waking up, she was surprised and overjoyed.

most original way to make a proposal to the girl

advance make sure that the girl was wearing makeup and dressed, tell her that you are going on holiday to relatives.Arrange two politsionerami.They will come to your home and show girl "accusation" that she is the most beautiful and beloved, make a joke protocol and give it to him to sign.At the end of the paper should be the question: "Citizen ... (name of bride), you agree to marry a citizen of ... (name of the groom)?"Then the crew (not in a police car, a limousine or a beautiful foreign car) takes away you to the registrar where you are applying.