What is rollback and how to do?

In the life of every user comes a time when your computer starts to slow down and hang.And over time, it can move to a system failure.But do not panic, as the OS developers foresaw a possible turn of events and enabled it to roll back.What is rollback and how he can help?

What is the

Rollback allows you to return your operating system to a previously created restore point.We can say that the meaning of "kickback" - the restoration of the system.According to the principle of action it is similar to the creation of saving the game, to which you can return, if something went wrong.It is understood that a return to a previously saved point, so any newly installed drivers and programs will be deleted.But it's not always bad news, as the most common cause of brakes are just computer programs.

But if you have to restore files, they must be stored somewhere.And they can be stored on one of the discs, which are reserved exclusively for the place.If rollback is disabled, it is necessary to connect it.The algorithm is as follows: open the properties of your computer, right-click "Properties" - "System Protection", then select the disc from the proposed and click "Create."The thing is very useful, so you need to know what rollback and how to use it.

Possible causes of problems

Before placing the restoration, should understand the causes of problems in the programs, as, apart from him, there may be other methods of solving problems.Return to the reference point should be used if other methods to correct the problem is impossible.The most frequent causes of the problems are:

  1. programs and viruses.Internet is teeming with a variety of programs, and not all of them are safe.Download and install malicious or infected with a virus utility can cause considerable damage to the computer.
  2. Updates Windows.The Windows operating system constantly download and install updates that after some time interrupted older and can not work normally, slowing down the PC at the same time.In this case, the user is difficult to understand what the problem is.But if the user knows that a rollback will be able to return the system to the state it was in before downloading updates.
  3. Lock Antivirus.Antivirus software can block or delete important files for work, considering them harmful.
  4. user intervention.Sometimes, that is very curious users accidentally delete the necessary components for the program or operating system, as a result can be a problem.

Rollback computer system

Restore OS in several ways.

1. Through the "Start" menu.Open the "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Tools" - "System Restore."There is a window in which to report the date of the recovery point creation.When you select a restore point button appears "Search programs concerned."By clicking on it, you can see that after restoring deleted.Then click "Next" and you're done.

2. In safe mode.Before loading "Vindovs" you have to press F8, and then choose "Safe Mode".Then roll back the system to the computer, through the "Start".This method is good in case there were problems with OSes, and it does not load or gives a blue "screen of death."

3. With a boot disk.Restore the system can boot disk Windows.Insert the disk into the drive, press F12 and select from the list to start the primary disk drive, if it is not the default.Installer window opens, where there are 2 buttons "Set" and "System Restore."Click on the latest and forward to the end of the process.

useful feature

Every computer user should be aware that such a rollback.It will help restore the damaged without any problems the program and return the OS to working condition.