How to prepare for the exam: Tips seasoned student

All of us were once students were afraid and scared school exams and, especially, the exam.Then we became students and began to be afraid of examinations and tests in high school.However, every year the exam experience becomes more and fear disappears.But those students who pass its first session, probably are wondering how to prepare for the exam as efficiently as possible?In this article we try to give them some guidance on this issue.

So, you - the student and a week (two month) you have to take the first exam in your life.Exams are many, and time is short.Naturally, you need an answer to the question: how to prepare for the exam with a minimum of time and effort?Will help you follow these simple tips:

  1. Learn during the semester.Of course, very pleased to dedicate all his time doing nothing with impunity, because it seems that the time before the exam is still very much ... Be prepared for the fact that before the exam you will bitterly regret that so poorly conducted six months.Chances are you have regretted it if torturing a search engine query like "how to better prepare for the exam."We are not saying that every waking moment should be devoted only to study, but even a simple reading of the lecture material after the pair will consolidate their knowledge, and before the exam you will be free enough to navigate the basic concepts and issues.Remember, the more time you take a study during the semester, the easier it will be during the session.
  2. Plan training calendar.It is desirable to find a list of questions for the exam as soon as possible, and then split the remaining time so that every day take an equal number of issues, while leaving one or two days before delivery, in order to once again pass quickly through the material.How to get hold of the issues?Approach the teacher and set up a plaintive song about what you do not know how to prepare for the exam, but really, really want to not lose face ... I assure you that neither the teacher will not sustain this and be sure to give you not only issuesbut a couple of good books to prepare.
  3. Ration load.Do not linger with a book until four or five in the morning, especially on the night before the exam.Such training does not lead to anything good - overworked brain will try as quickly as possible to get rid of information that his "rape."Also, do not expect that a purely mechanical reading from a sheet will help to remember something - it is better to read less, but will be examined in the material that passed.Remember once and for all, even cramming never did help - on the contrary, the answer is based on rote memorization, it is easy to distinguish from the answer given to the understanding of the material.Moreover, sometimes phrases, one in a repeating text from a textbook, can be interpreted as written off, even if you learned them in memory as a poem in the third grade.
  4. communicate with senior colleagues about how to prepare for the exam from a particular teacher.As a rule, each lecturer has their "favorite" questions or problems with a trick in which "sink" inexperienced students.Find out in advance the future of the examiner favorite tricks and try to be ready for them.
  5. Cook cribs.Even if you are not going to use it - neatly written on leaves of a summary of each question.So you engage not only visual, but also the mechanical memory, and learn the material much more effectively.

We hope that our recommendations have given you a brief idea about how to prepare for the exam as efficiently and as quickly as possible.We wish our readers an easy and successful completion of all exams!