From what to wear white shorts?

White is not just for brides.Despite the fact that this is not the easiest to care for the color, it is popular all year round.And when the weather turns warm, white shorts are perfect for picnics, barbecues and beach walks.Paired with a colorful or monochrome elements of clothes they will be the perfect replacement jeans or sweatpants.If correctly choose the size and style, you can always find a suitable for you white shorts.From what to wear them to look fashionable and stylish?In this article you will find a lot of interesting ideas.

How to choose the perfect pair?

If you wear larger sizes, choose knee-length shorts.

you want to visually lengthen legs?Prefer shorter pair.If you have the figure of the "pear", choose Bermuda shorts with a loose fit in the hips.If you have wide hips, the leg should not be their close-fitting.

Properly fitted pants adorn any shape, as you can see by the example of the two singers, fashionistas: Taylor Swift and Beyonce.They have different shapes, but both look stylish.

sensitive issues

Even products from tight jeans do not have this drawback.Namely - to tell the public about your underwear more than you need.Do not wear panties under them are: white (yes, they are pretty good view), with prints, black, made of thick fabric.

And what you can wear white shorts to show nothing superfluous?

The answer is simple: with a flesh-colored underwear.If you are not a fan of strings, the seamless slips from a thin material perfectly suited to you.

simplicity and versatility

If your wardrobe has several blouses and shirts, you will always find what to wear white shorts.Photos prove the truth of this assertion: a walk, or even in the office, you will have something to wear.

If you yearn for the days of "flower children", this element of the wardrobe you will also come in handy.Feel like a modern hippie in this outfit: white pants, a bright T-shirt or a topic, a wide leather belt, and sandals chocolate brown.On the neck and hands, wear flashy jewelry, long chains and do not forget about the locket with a picture of the sign of peace.The dress in the style of boho-chic ready.

not know what to wear to the beach party?You will once again come to the rescue white shorts.From what to wear them at such events?Get inspired dresses stars and top wear short shorts or elongated tunic shirt in neon colors or bright prints.From shoes, choose the original platform sandals with lacing or sandals with heels.How, for example, has made Vanessa Hudgens.Tunica almost completely covers the shorts paired with light shoes with high heels make legs incredibly long.It is tempting, and at the same time fully within the propriety.

From what to wear white shorts in the summer?For especially hot of days combine them with weightless light chiffon blouse.Bright large necklace or handbag will add color to your image.Depending on the style of clothing and accessories, this kit is suitable for a hot day, and for an interesting evening.

From what to wear white denim shorts?

shirts with prints (space, stars, Cartoon etc.) Will be a great company bottom denim.Straw hat with a wide brim, massive bracelets or large rings complement the bold and stylish package.

to create an image of the sea, too, could not be better suited a little rough denim white shorts.From what to wear them to fit this category?With things red or blue, it is advisable to strip, whether T-shirt, T-shirt or a trendy blouse with long sleeves and a crew neck.Massive decorations in tone, pendants or earrings in the form of anchors and steering wheels as well as practical and nice shoes (sandals and ballet flats) will complement the image of the modern sailors.

Quite close to the subject and fit a set of shorts, denim shirts, leather accessories and striped bags.Comfortable, relaxed and feminine.

Even if a sudden cold, you will still come in handy white shorts.From what to wear them in this weather?In addition to the free cozy pullovers you come to the aid of a leather jacket.Depending on the cut and color of the image can be from daring to romantic.If the combination of leather and denim you feel rough, then softened his chiffon blouse.The contrast of textures and materials always looks interesting.

for romantic natures

white shorts with lace - very fresh trend.This article of clothing requires some skill in the choice of "companions" to it, but you will look fashionable and feminine.

From what to wear white lace shorts to look stylish, not like you're out in people in their underwear?Here are some examples.

to comply with the latest fashion trends, romantic bottoms combined with stylish and strict crop top.They will cancel each other out, and the pure white color will add freshness in the heat.Several colorful bracelets and interesting sandals - this outfit no one would dare call boring.

contrast of black and white never goes out of fashion, but in this interpretation it looks cute and playful.Shorts with a lot of frills, tights with polka dots, black pullover with bat sleeves, felt hat and a few golden accessories - standard colors are used in a non-standard combination.They have also included along with a black T-shirt or top with black-and-white prints.

If the shorts themselves are quite fanciful, with beautiful complex pattern, you can not overload the image and make it its main element.In this case, the top should be as simple as single-colored t-shirt or tank top and denim cut simple jacket without excessive decoration.

from the pages of fashion magazines

Speaking about this trend, as the lacy shorts, we have already touched on this subject a little, but because it is so popular, it is necessary to dwell on it separately.It is a crop tops and bustiers.You can either give preference to monochromatic images, and to experiment with bright colors.Particularly advantageous such top combined with shorts with a high waist.

On all occasions

Bermuda is incredibly versatile.They are perfect for travel during the holidays, an evening walk and even for the day.From what to wear white Bermuda shorts?Here are some options.

Romantic top with ruffles, stylish white fedora and dressy sandals, flip flops make ideal company to Bermuda.

Want to add the image of ethnicity and boho-chic?Nothing could be easier.Top with embroidery, sandals wedges of cork and frilly earrings will help you achieve the goal.Since Bermuda, which we use as a base for the image, close-fitting, they are interesting contrast with the free riding.This same approach tunic or short dress.And along for walks on the beach or get-togethers with friends in the cafe ready.

But after a vacation or a weekend do not leave Bermuda in the closet.However, such simple, elegant and spectacular things as fitted jacket in the colors "zebra", heeled sandals and chronographs, they will be quite appropriate, and in the office in the summer heat.If you want more color, then do not wear white and colored blouse.

And when do not want to invent anything, take a simple T-shirt, Bermuda shorts, comfortable sandals, bright necklaces and no less bright bag - and you'll look stylish and feel comfortable.

Important Tips

  • white shorts look best on tanned skin.So it is necessary to wait until your legs a little "flushed" in the sun.Or experiment with tanning.
  • very careful about the selection of colors: the white of their huge amount, and if you create a monochrome image, you must first make sure that the color of shorts and top matches.
  • Do not forget about the bounds of decency.From shorts should not peek underwear, lining the pockets and even more so the bottom of the buttocks.
  • age, short shorts look out of place even on a good figure.Prefer a longer model.

Now you know what to wear white shorts.We wish you good fashion experiments.