How to choose a tile for the bathroom?

Fortunately everyone who started the repairs in the bathroom, the range of practical and time-tested material today is huge.However, this fact leads many customers confused.How to choose a tile for the bathroom, not to give up on to make repairs?Today we will try to help everyone who is going to buy tile.

Benefits material

First let's understand why tiles should adorn the walls and floor of your bathroom.After all, today the choice of alternative surfacing materials are also quite extensive.

Ceramic tile is harmless to humans.It includes clay and water.It's safe to say that this is an environmentally friendly material.Tile is not electrified itself is an insulator.

Functionality tiles

Each package has a certain tile markings, which must be observed.For example, the image in black rectangle foot print means that the active material is intended to cover in the bathroom floor.Such tiles guarantee security, even if it gets wet, it did not slip.If such a picture is shaded, which means higher wear resistance.

If the package is drawn hand, means that the tiles can be used for wall cladding.When you see an image of snowflakes, it shows hardiness of the material.

Classes durability

are only five on the packaging to be marked with Roman numerals.For example, tiles for the bathroom will need a Class I.More durable III and IV classes suited for lobbies, corridors, hallways.The most durable - a Class V.

choose the size and shape of the tiles

necessary to consider the size of the room - what it is, the smaller the tiles should be.

Large tile in the bathroom is able to narrow the space, create a sense of closeness.Some buyers, dreaming of a modern and functional rooms is to invite an experienced designer who will tell you how to choose tiles for the bathroom.But you can do it yourself, if you adhere to certain rules.

choosing tile dimensions, it is necessary to withstand the psychological orientation of the interior - the ability to invigorate and soothe.

design tiles in the bathroom

Every landlord wants to create a certain mood in the room.For example, green and blue colors create a sense of coolness.All shades of pink, beige and terracotta colors are considered "warm".

should think about what you would like surface - glazed or matte.In the latter case less visible contamination.On the glazed tiles are easier to control.

Small tiles for the bathroom a little more complicated care, but it is very cheerful, it looks on the walls!

important to consider the preferences of apartment dwellers to take into account their tastes and even age.Middle-aged people are inclined to classical models, young homeowners still prefer the unusual and bright.

tile on the bathroom floor

to this room, you will need tiles with stable chemical characteristics, which easily withstands acids, alkalis and has low porosity.

On the floor you can choose any design tile, but it must be combined with furniture, sanitary ware, wall tiles in color.In addition, important general stylistic direction.

tile floor in the bathroom - the most popular type of coating.Today, domestic and foreign manufacturers are, in addition to the traditional square-shaped floor tiles, hexagonal and octagonal, rectangular patterns.

Selection Criteria

tile floor in the bathroom should not slip, it is especially important if a family has children or the elderly.

If possible, buy a bar of well-known brands.Most often, the life of this material is unlimited.

Do not try to buy too bright tiles - it can quickly get bored, and so repair is usually not done every year.

Buy tile in specialized stores, where you can feel the product, see the documents accompanying it.

How to combine floor and wall tiles

Nowadays, many manufacturers produce entire collections of tiles, including wall and floor options, as well as the borders to them.This greatly simplifies the task of consumers.

Recently, however, ever more clearly a tendency to use the walls and floor tiles from different collections, even of different manufacturers.For example, if your bathroom plain and very calm tone walls, then we can put on the floor or a dark monochromatic tile or ornamental.

floor made of tiles, imitating marble or natural stone, is relevant for many years.

Ideal for floor tiles in the bathroom.It visually increases room.Furthermore, it can hide floor some drawbacks, such as unevenness.Mosaics can be glass or ceramic.

Inexpensive bathroom tiles

Despite the fact that at the beginning of this article, we recommended not to save on the purchase of tiles, there are situations when the repairs needed in the bathroom, and funds for the purchase of tiles by renowned brands there.In this case, you can go several ways.Wait until at large specialized stores discount season will come, and then you like to buy stuff there.Make a reservation online stores (sometimes the price of them is significantly different from the retail network), to purchase goods of lesser-known producers, making sure of its quality.

Currently in the collections of many famous companies presented tiles in the bathroom, the price of which is quite accessible.


leading Russian manufacturer of ceramic tiles, has a broad proprietary distribution network in Russia and abroad.The company was founded in 1988 in the city of Orel.Brand KERAMA MARAZZI produces tiles, mosaic, ceramic granite.In addition, a great variety of decorative elements - panels, inserts, curbs, stairs, baseboards, etc..

bar of this manufacturer can be purchased at the price of 260 rubles per square meter.


Another well-known Russian manufacturer.The company is equipped with modern equipment of leading engineering companies.The range has a brand inexpensive tiles for bathroom and sample premium.Price from 320 rubles per square meter.

How to choose a tile for the bathroom at an affordable price from foreign producers?

Ukrainian tiles

Interestingly, the reserves Ukrainian clay import even many Italian factories.In Ukraine, a few good factories that manufacture tile.

Products of Kharkiv tile factory produces the tiles under the brand Goklen Tile.Its retail price is from 310 to 570 rubles per square meter.

Interkerfma Dnepropetrovsk factory offers its products at 310 - 570 rubles per square meter.

Polish tiles

Products Polish producers represented by several factories.Most collections are sold in our country, an average of 800 rubles per square meter.Those collections, which are sold at 300 - 350 rubles, much inferior in quality to Russian models in the same price segment.

Czech tiles

This material consists mainly of products of the plant Lasselsberberger.It comes under the brands Object, and Raco.Price tile ranges from 500 to 1200 rubles per square meter.Companies often hold sales where you can buy interesting samples of 300 rubles.

Turkish tiles

These products are presented in our market is rather weak, although it deserves attention.Vitra The company is known for its granite and Monocolor.Wall tiles can be purchased at the price from 520 to 1860 rubles.The company's products Kalebodur costs from 640 to 740 rubles.

How to choose a tile for the bathroom by foreign producers?

Italian tiles

trendsetter in the design of the tile is considered to be Italy.The country has more than 300 factories producing all kinds of tiles.Each company produces between 15 and 50 collections.Prices of excellent material from Italy ranging from 1400 to 2400 rubles per square meter.For the price of 2000 - 2400 rubles you buy gorgeous tiles of Italian masters.Italian tiles for the bathroom, the photo you see in this article, will satisfy the most discerning buyers.

Spanish tiles

For Russians, especially close to the Spanish tile manufacturers.In this country, more than 100 factories producing these products.80% of the tiles is exported.Russia is a priority for the Spanish market.Speaking very generally, the range of prices for Spanish tile - from 900 to 3000 rubles per square meter.


tiles produced in Germany is not so much the tile and its design is not very diverse, but the quality is excellent.In our country, the best known products are Villery & amp;Boch.The company manufactures tiles in a classic style.The price of it is quite high - from 2000 to 5000 rubles per square meter.

Portuguese tiles

Many of our countrymen are surprised to learn that the Russian market is represented by tiles from Portugal.And at the same time in Europe, the products are well known and very popular.In this country, the tiles produced in the 15th century.In Portugal, many buildings are decorated with unique lining.In addition, Portugal ranks solidly in the top ten largest exporters of ceramic tiles.In this country there are rich deposits of white clay from which the tile is made, so it is much cheaper than the Italian.Price tiles from Portugal from 1100 to 2700 rubles per square meter.

In this article we have tried to tell you how to choose tiles for the bathroom.We introduce you to the most popular products and well-known manufacturers.We hope that this information will be useful to you, and you will make your bathroom like you dreamed of.