The most extravagant ways to protect the world

want to attract media attention to the good idea that you stand?Use the methods of the fighters for the environment.In recent years, "green" nominated 10 receptions quite compelling PR, which allowed many of them in the morning to wake up famous.

Idea 1. Glue yourself to the Prime Minister of Great Britain.If you try to test it in practice, you can be sure - the press widely covered this fact.And knowing this, 24-year-old Deng Glasc, protesting against the expansion of Heathrow Airport in London, poured into his palm a powerful way to combine into a single monolith, even pieces of metal, and then grabbed bathed glue hand British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Idea 2. Decorate your posters and banners doll from a sex shop.It is also extremely impressive.Representatives of the organization "Ethical Treatment of Animals", protesting against the brand "Fried chicken Kentucky" hung dolls on a banner with the words "Down with fried chicken Kentucky!" Apparently, they were trying to attract the attention of the public play on words - slang for girls in Anglophone why-That is called "chicks".Anyhow, associative advertising from animal rights activists failed.Philippine customs officials confiscated all the dolls.

idea 3. something to wear."Arctic Front" sent its volunteers to protest against oil production in Canada in polar bear costumes.His pictures in the "brutal form," the protesters posted on Facebook.

idea 4. Anything off.Men, representatives of the organization that defends the Ethical Treatment of plants ForestEthnics, Australia staged a march in lingerie.In addition, each participant of the procession carried a chainsaw in his hand and his shoulder blades were attached prop wings.

5. general idea to get rid of clothes.Hundreds of naked cyclists crossed completely the UK and much of Europe last summer, thereby advertising the most environmentally friendly modes of transport.

idea 6. make a show funerals.From time to time fighters for protection of the environment remind us that we are all, one way or another, by participating in the killing of animals.Therefore, they are often buried or fur animal carcasses, meat bought in stores.

In 2006, representatives of Greenpeace organized the funeral of the deceased fin whale in the Baltic Sea before the Japanese Embassy in Berlin.For this, they laid a huge animal on wooden supports and dragged him through the city.Thus grinpisovtsy opposed to whaling, which is the largest scale being in Japan.

idea 7. Arrange full sea battle with the defenders of the environment that you somehow do not like.Robert Kennedy Jr. made a promotional trip on the boat, trying to draw the attention of politicians, journalists and businessmen on the need to protect the environment.Suddenly, his yacht sailed the boat - no, they were not pirates.They were rivals of «Green peace», which Kennedy threw everything that came to hand.For what?For the fact that he, in their view, insufficiently protects the environment.

8. idea of ​​an attack on a train.It did so in the UK participants in the so-called Climate Camp.They forced a trade zone to an emergency stop, and then more than 30 protesters raked from a part of the cargo - coal - and posted it on the rails.

idea 9. not let the weather force you to deviate from your plans.Maryland residents protested against the contribution of industry to global warming ... when suddenly it began to snow.Of course, to be honest, it was in January.But the story is very ironic comment in the Baltimore Sun.

idea 10. hid as many people as you can.Australian activists held in December last year, the day lying on the floor of a trading hall and trying to suck the udder cow statues located there.In this way they wanted to show that the consumption of milk can cause stomach disorders, but also, of course, threatens the environment.

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