How to make the dressing in a small room

Modern life dictates new rules in the interior premises.Gone are the cumbersome and huge wardrobes.But keeping things has not been canceled, so there are stylish and functional models, which can accommodate a lot more things than their predecessors.More relished our contemporaries separate dressing rooms.

Space saving

Ideally better to allocate a separate room for the dressing room, you put a lot of cabinets throughout the apartment, which is difficult to quickly find the desired item.

Dressing Room in a small apartment

If you think that this space can be arranged only in a large and spacious house, then you are deeply mistaken.Today we will try to prove to you that dressing in a small room, whose picture you see in this article, it is possible.

To do this, you must do a little redesign or "take away" a few meters from the living room or bedroom.In a small apartment and this room is not too large.In this case, the clothes more appropriate to place it on open shelves and shelves.Today, the trad

e are a lot of structures that are designed for the use of each centimeter of free space, so by making a dressing room in a small room, you get a functional and spacious room.


space for small apartments are the most viable option corner wardrobe.They are attractive primarily large capacity.By the way, have a walk-in closet in the small board room even psychologists - laid out neat things you faster focus, and this leads to peace of mind.

Learning his apartment

If you want to realize his dream into reality, we must think carefully about where the best thing to do in a small dressing room.Consider the plan of his apartment, noting the size of each room.Assessing the situation, you will realize that losing a couple of meters of living space, you will get a much-needed dressing.In a small room it can be arranged in an alcove or wall niche at the end of a long hallway or in the pantry.Do not be sorry that space that you sacrifice, because thanks to carefully thought-out new areas you can place as many things that your small apartment considerably freed.

visually increase the space

There is a secret design which helps visually enlarge the dimensions of the reconstructed building.Replace the dressing room mirror, or made of frosted glass door.Reflected light from the windows make the room bright and airy.In addition, you will be able to look at yourself in a full-length - in fact in a small dressing room you will not be able to hang a large mirror.However, at the inner portion thereof do not neglect small mirrors on a light background.They make a small, narrow room is wider and more spacious.

How to make a dressing room

should draw your attention, in this small room all items must be made in any color.This will make the interior of the room more harmonious and enjoyable to read.Recently, when creating a dressing room less frequently used chipboard.The space created in the frame of metal rods that attach directly to the wall.They attached retractable design, shelves, baskets for shoes, socks, underwear, crossbar for hangers.This lightweight design, especially if it is made in white, looks weightless and easy.It is valuable that in this case it is possible to control the height of shelves, which makes the room the most functional.

Dressing in a small room to use, cycling every centimeter of space from floor to ceiling around the perimeter.The only exception was the front door.Those things that you rarely wear, as well as non-seasonal clothing store on the highest shelves, what you use all the time, determine on the shelves at eye level.Shoes convenient to store at the bottom.

use the pantry

apartments in a small area, as a rule, there is the pantry, which are often inundated with rubbish, which is a pity to leave.Is not it better to use that space to good use?Walk-in closet in the pantry can help you solve many problems associated with a lack of space.

Many owners of such flats are interested in the question of how you can use the pantry.If you have decided on a reconstruction of the apartment, then your first step should be to get rid of all unnecessary.

can then set or hang rails.Wall better used if the walls are made of solid material - brick or concrete.If they are made of drywall, it is better to use a guide mounted.

Most often poorly lit closet.Dressing in need of high-quality lighting.To do this, use spotlights.

Finish dressing

most often use a variety of panels - veneer, laminate, chipboard.Do not give up mirrors that visually expand the space.Do not forget the floors - they can be covered with linoleum or carpet.The last option is ideally emphasize the style of your room.

For dressing, made from pantry, most suitable doors, "accordion" - they are easy to open, do not take up too much space.The final choice, of course, up to you.

Dressing bedroom

This is perhaps the most convenient form of a room.There is no need to walk around the apartment for necessary things.If you make a dressing in the bedroom area and it is big enough, set in the same place the ironing board and a small ottoman, to make it easier to put on.

Dressing - a necessary room in every home.By doing it, you not only free up storage space, but also create in your home warmth and comfort.

Dressing in child

Most people feel an acute shortage of space in the room of the child.Very functional wardrobe, organized under the loft bed.The main requirement for such a structure - stability.That is why it is by the stationary wall, which is fixed to improve the stability of cabinets.Along the same wall can be installed drawers for small items, toys or sports equipment.Dressing in such a construction should be well lit artificially.