Remote Viewing stories in different browsers

If you needed to know what the user was engaged in the computer, or just want to restore your old data, for example, view the history of the remote, then you can use one of several methods.First of all everything will depend on what type of story you should know.This could be the story of visits on the Internet, correspondence through various messengers or the use of certain programs.Only after you have determined that you need to learn, you will be able to choose for themselves the best option.But today, we have decided to give you a few different options possible to see the old story on the computer and all other actions.

Russian observers

If you need to preview the remote history of "Yandex" (browser), if you previously needed to prepare certain program, or rather, you need a keylogger - a multipurpose program «PuntoSwitcher» or any other application, which is designedto recover data on a computer.

easy way

So let's start with the first option, it is the simplest, and it can cope with ev

en the novice.Keylogger program can help you to find out everything that was going on your computer in your absence, including you can preview the remote browser history.The program is designed to track all actions that are made on the computer, including this regard and correspondence, which can lead to different customers.You can customize this versatile program and the fact that it is self-produced screenshots, but it will take to establish a period of time snapshot.


Before using this multifunctional program you need to download it to your computer, and then install and open.When you open it, you are sure to make all the necessary settings, and then close the program a special password that will ensure the preservation of recorded data.In such a case, even if the user will be able to observe and installed programs, remove or just to stop her he did not succeed.If you want to get a really high-quality and high-grade version of the keylogger, do not think that it would be so easy to download.Most professional keyloggers are available on a fee basis.When you need to check the entire history, including the history of the remote view to make, you just enter the password in the program and begin to view all actions performed by the user in your absence.

alternative browser

So, let's talk about how to make a remote view of history in the "Opera" or another browser.Most users at the end of the work in the browser prefers to delete the whole story, so that other users can not see what sites they are.But the story is still possible to recover even after removal, and for that matter, there are many programs.For example, remote viewing history in the "Yandex" can be done with the help of professional program «EasyFileUndelete» or «Recuva».Of course, to look at the history of the remote in your browser, you will need to find and run a special file called «Places.sqlite».It is in this file, and will contain all the distant history.View stories in a variety of remote clients, with which you can send instant messages can be done very simply.To do this, you just need to find the folder that stores all correspondence, usually it is in the "My Documents" or in the folder «ProgramFiles».Here you just need to find a subfolder named «History» and view the whole story.Of course, you can read the story of correspondence only if you delete this folder, although, however, most people do not know it exists, and just go out of your account.Today, we brought you a few options with which you can make remote viewing history in browsers and in customers.