-Eating in his sleep

20-year-old girl could not understand why she was putting on weight - as long as no one woke up among the empty wrappers from the chocolate.It turned out that she was suffering from uncontrollable overeating the night - and there she was in a dream and not waking up.

20-year-old student of the 3rd course of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) Keith Archibald almost every night, gets up, goes to the refrigerator, there are enough products back to bed and there eats taken out of the fridge are there products.It does this in a dream, without realizing what he was doing and being unable to control his actions.The next morning she wakes up with the feeling that night recovered, and then discovers beside the bed of chocolate wrappers or empty packaging of edible or otherwise.

Kate says that she once so umyala whole head cheese.

Doctors found that she suffers from a rare syndrome of uncontrolled binge eating during sleep.Causes of the syndrome and Kate began taking drugs that were supposed to help her with the problem of hearing loss and concentration.

"At first I just did not understand why getting fat, she said. - To argue with my roommate who insisted that we have from the refrigerator disappears food. I was in full confidence that did not eat anything until one morning revealed nohis bed a bunch of candy wrappers. It was then that I realized that it in a dream. "

Neighbor Kate Harding room Ellie and Ashley Black in those moments when the girl comes in a dream to the refrigerator, trying to persuade her not to eat.They seem to be turning to her unconscious, but not always their actions are a success.

Kate tries very different creative ways to deal with the problem.For example, a locked room for the night, leaving the bed of packing with wholesome food.But somehow she managed to get into the kitchen and empty the refrigerator.

one night she managed umyat four servings of spaghetti bolognese, and then bargain fried their toast.

Exactly cooking in a dream her neighbors fear the most.They fear that one night, Kate begins to fry something in a dream and in the end they just burn up.

Photo source: mirror.co.uk