How to prepare espresso

This espresso is not just a very strong drink.It is obtained by passing through a filter with ground coffee with hot water water pressure.For preparing single servings require about 7-9 grams of coffee compacted into a tablet on a small cup of water (about 30 mL).The drink is obtained at the expense of a very strong and most fragrant.

espresso requires a strong roasted grain.At the same time they should not be overdone to drink not purchased a burnt smell or taste.You can buy ready-made packages with a mark of "espresso".You can prepare the mixture yourself by mixing for this grain of robusta and arabica.

Espresso can be double (number of coffee), lungo (of water per serving - twice), ristretto (standard weight of grain, 18-20 ml of water), macchiato (with foamed milk), con panna (whippedcream), Fred (ice), macchiato Fred latte (milk in the ratio of 3: 7), latte macchiato (three-layer: milk, coffee and milk foam), Roman (with lemon juice), Corrette (with liquor or other alcoholicdrink).


The holder coffee makers pour coffee, seal it with tempera.With the proper conduct of procedure, the water will pass through the powder very slowly.30 ml of the drink must be prepared for 20-30 seconds.

on the surface of the cup, a dense foam with reddish veins.Said too light foam that were in violation of preparation technology (abnormal grinding, covered with the wrong amount of powder).By the way, that the beverage is delicious, coffee is best to warm up, typing in a cup boiling water, and then just start making the drink.Water should take filtered or bottled.

Drink coffee in special cups, called "demitas."They are made of a thick porcelain, usually white, not more than 80 ml in volume.Due to the thick walls of the beverage retains heat for a long time.Before you pour the coffee cup you need to warm up with steam or boiling water.By the rules of filled beverage container is not more than 2/3 (generally classic 30 mL).

While 30 ml of coffee, it would seem, can be enjoyed on a couple of sips, it should still be savored slowly.The finish of each sip is stored for a long time, so you need to be able to stretch the pleasure.

Choice grains or impurity the beverage

believe that the best roast for espresso - Italian.Buy flavored varieties are not worth it.Additional notes (even fun) prevent you assess the quality of the beverage.Although sometimes supplement drink topping is quite permissible.

most popular espresso beans - also Italian.For example, many of us prefer to buy Lavazza.Milling grains for espresso must be very small.If your fingers to rub the powder, it should be left feeling the sand.If it seems that in the hands of the sugar crystals - so larger grinding required.

On sale now there are also various options for coffee machines.Well suited carob.Ideal coped with coffee machine "Espresso".But it is much more expensive, so for home use it become quite rare.