How to beat a nervous tic eye

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Modern man, or rather his nervous system, taking into account the crazy pace of life, constant stress, poor environmental conditions and other "surprises" made us a civilization, we are constantly exposed to enormous loads.One of the most common unpleasant moments that result from data loading is a nervous tic of the eye.This neurotic manifestation is involuntary twitching of the century, which certainly gives it to the person experiencing anxiety and a lot of inconvenience.Many people had to experience a sudden twitch of the upcoming century, and sometimes the facial muscles.Twitching tend to go through a certain period of time.The feeling is quite unpleasant, especially when the "attack" tick the eyes last long.First what you should know - is the fact that this disease is a neurological disease.

below will attempt to find out why manifested tic eye, ie are considered causes of nervous tic eyes and submitted to the Council, how to get rid

reasons for which there is a nervous tic eyes are quite varied, and can be representedthe results of psychic experiences, the result of damage to the central nervous system, prolonged irritation that comes from foci of inflammation in the face, lack of magnesium in the body, and some other factors.

eye tick treatment must be carried out according to the nature of its appearance.Of course the best option to overcome a nervous tic eyes will appeal to specialists.Today, there are a whole lot of clinics, staffed by highly qualified neurologists, who can quickly and accurately identify the reasons tick the eyes and the appropriate treatment.

Referring to the doctors do not want to, or it is simply not enough time and money, you can try to get rid of a nervous tic own eyes, resorting to the advice of traditional medicine.It should be noted that these methods are characterized by a fairly high level of efficiency and at their correct application are safe for the health of the body.

So, to get rid of a nervous tic eyes should try applying cold compresses.This tool is one of the most simple, but at the same time effective ways to overcome the suddenly occurring twitching eyelids and facial muscles.Besides this way of dealing with a nervous tic of the eye is not only effective, but also very enjoyable.

this procedure involves complete relaxation of the patient.To do this, lie on your back and forget about the problems of harassment.Further, on the muscle twitch put pieces of cloth or cotton tufts previously dipping them in cold water until completely wet.

duration of the procedure shall not be less than ten or fifteen minutes, during which the need to replace is hot compress cool.

To increase the effect of the procedure, as well as accelerate results, it is necessary to carry out cooling by cold compress muscles regularly, with a frequency of two to four times a day, as long until it is complete freedom from disease.

Almost all patients to try the method described above, note that the "attacks" tick eyes after only a short time, there is much less common.The complete disappearance of unpleasant symptoms observed somewhat later in most cases one to two weeks of regular procedures.The main advantage of a cold compress is its complete harmlessness, and the lack of need for any significant skills or resources to carry out the procedure.