Different diseases of blood vessels, veins and arteries become increasingly common in recent years.The most susceptible to ailments of women.However, some men suffer from varicose veins.This article will tell you why the veins on the legs emerge.What should I do in this case, you will also learn.Reasons and methods for treating the symptoms of the disease will be described below.

Varicose veins - what is it?

What if the veins on the legs got out?To get started is to learn some general information about varicose veins.Develops it lately in patients of all ages.However, the elderly are more susceptible to ailment men and women.Over time, the walls of blood vessels simply stretched and thinned.This leads to the formation of so-called nodule.

Varicose veins is a strong stretching of the vessel.Often it is accompanied by inflammation and lesions of the valves.There are certain prerequisites for the development of the disease - we will tell about them below.Varicose veins heal a must.Otherwise, it can move to a more serious stage.

cause of the disease

man, who climbed Vienna on foot, what to do?To get started is to understand the causes of this process.So far, they are not thoroughly studied, but experts distinguish the factors contributing to the development of the disease:

  • pregnancy;
  • professional activity that requires prolonged standing on his feet;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • taking certain medications, such as hormones;
  • overweight or obese;
  • sedentary lifestyle, lack of athletic training and the like.

symptoms of pathological process

suspect that a lot of pathology.However, they do not always occur at the same time.It sometimes happens that a person takes note of the appearance of varicose veins on the lower extremities, but this condition does not cause him any discomfort.What are the symptoms of the disease have?

  • fatigue and pain.Often they appear in the evening or at night.Also, the patient may observe cramps, which often occur in the supine position.
  • puffiness.Feet often swell when varicose veins.Especially strong this character is noticeable during pregnancy.
  • Itching.Struck Vienna scratched.
  • External signs.At more advanced stages of the disease, patients reported nodules on the legs and Spider veins.Often veins simply shine through the thin skin - this is not a symptom of varicose veins.

Diagnosis of varicose veins

If you climbed Vienna on foot, what to do, you know, to start, contact a doctor and run diagnostics.Only a doctor can accurately diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment.

Currently, the most popular method of diagnosis became ultrasound.It is held in conjunction with dopplerography.During manipulation of the doctor examines the walls of blood vessels and allows blood flow assessment.There are many varieties Doppler (duplex, triplex, color and so on).The method of research is selected on the basis of manifest symptoms and patient complaints.

crawls veins in the legs.What to do?

If you notice small nodules on the lower extremities, it is as soon as possible to visit the doctor.It is not necessary to hope that varicose veins will take place independently.Every day, your condition will only get worse.Over time, one step moves to a different pathology.That is why you need as soon as possible to begin treatment.

When climbed strongly Vienna on foot, what to do?Currently, there are several ways to treat this condition.All of them are divided into conservative, surgical, minimally invasive and folk.It is said that the latter method doctors categorically do not recognize.Consider the basic options for correction.

conservative method of treatment

undoubtedly require therapy to man, which emerge veins in the legs.What to do in such a situation?In the absence of distinct and disturbing symptoms of the patient may be recommended drug therapy.It consists in removing the discomfort.Also, medications for the treatment of varicose veins affect the state of the blood - liquefy it.Due to this the contents of the vessel more easily passes through them.

The most popular medicines for the treatment of varicose veins include the following: "Detraleks", "Flebodia", "Vearus", "Troksenvazin" and so on.These pills should be taken for a long time.Also, as a complementary therapy can be used ointments and creams "Troxevasin" "Lioton" "Venolayf" and others.As additional funds may be administered medication "Ascorutin", "aspirin", "Curantil."They improve blood flow in the vessels and veins.

That such treatment is prescribed in case the legs began to appear in the veins.What to do and what medicines to take, you now know.It is worth recalling that this correction does not guarantee full recovery.The patient's condition is definitely improving.Main symptoms disappear disease.However, the veins, which have fallen off, will not disappear as a result of such therapy.

minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins: laser and sclerotherapy

trouble when emerge veins in the legs.What to do to eliminate the abnormal areas?When not running stage of the disease can be overcome fairly simple way.The most popular of them are recognized laser therapy and sclerotherapy.It is worth noting that such a correction is quite expensive.

  • Sclerotherapy is the introduction in the vein pathological special substance - sclerosant.A few days later the treated area begins to stick together and be reborn in the connective tissue.Thus, all of varicose veins disappeared.
  • Laser coagulation involves treating the affected area through the skin.If the patient does not feel nearly discomfort and can go home immediately after the procedure.

Surgical correction: phlebectomy

If povylazili veins on the legs, what to do?Treatment can be carried out and surgically.However, this method is the oldest and most commonly used.It is worth noting that this is the only method that guarantees you that in the treated area reappears varices.

operation is performed under general or epidural anesthesia.There are several methods that doctors use to remove the problematic vein.After the correction is required to use a compression garment and take necessary medication.

Traditional methods of getting rid of varicose veins on the legs

Folk healers recommend their treatment when the veins in the legs crawl.What to do, what recipes to use, explain below.But it is necessary to warn that doctors tend to believe such manipulations useless.Of course, you can somehow maintain the condition of your feet.However, cure pathology you will not succeed.

  • cope with varicose veins in some cases helps chestnut liqueur.It is necessary to use only wild fruits.Pour chopped raw material of one bottle of vodka and let stand in a dark place of the composition of one or two weeks.Then wipe the prepared solution of the affected areas twice daily.
  • Everyone knows the healing power of honey.Help with varicose veins can be cooked cakes.To do this, take a cup of flour, one hundred milliliters of water and a few tablespoons of liquid honey.Stir until smooth composition and form a cake.If necessary, add more flour.Apply a compress it is necessary at night to complete disappearance of symptoms.

crawls veins in the legs during pregnancy: what to do?

during childbearing women are often faced with a similar problem.With this treatment, in most cases, the patient is contraindicated.Medicaments supporting leg condition, may be administered only during the second half of pregnancy.Such treatment must necessarily take into account all possible risks.

Doctors recommend expectant mothers suffering from varicose veins, wearing compression stockings.It's a pretty safe and effective way to maintain the health of the feet.Pick up the product should be only after consultation with your doctor.That physician will prescribe a certain type of compression based on the disturbing symptoms.

In conclusion

From the article you learned what varicose veins.This pathology is not only brings physical discomfort, but also leads to the fact that the legs look unsightly.That is why as soon as possible to see a specialist and undergo the necessary diagnostics.Only after a decision on treatment of the disease or otherwise.Watch out for standing their legs and be healthy!