How to deal with moles in the garden plot?

Many gardeners want to know how to deal with moles in the garden area.These little furry animals only appear to be very nice.However, there are of moles and benefits.For example, they naturally loose earth, burrowing, the larvae feed on insect pests.However, moles and cause great damage to gardens, undermining the roots of plants and trees.In addition, creating a fluffy blind not averse to eat earthworms, which also negatively affects the condition of the soil.

first warning

So you do not wonder: "How to deal with moles in the garden of?", You should resort to some measures of preventing their appearance.Even if "cute zveryata" have not looked at your possessions, to protect themselves from such guests still stands.To do this, you just need to dissociate itself from them.

's how: on the perimeter of a garden plot in the ground dug shallow steel galvanized mesh to a depth of half a meter.It should be noted that the ground of its free edge is not less than 20 cm. Thus, none of the mole can not get on your site or under the earth or above it.In addition, this "installation" will not prevent the penetration of worms and insects in the garden.Instead, the grid can be set slate or tin sheets on the same principle.But then, in addition to moles, on enclosed grounds will not be able to get there and useful "guests".

grandfather taught how to deal with moles in the garden of

And indeed there are ways to deal with moles, we inherited from our grandparents.What they did not come up in order to get rid of the furry pests from the garden.For example, one of the oldest methods (say it 200 years) - is unfolding on molehills reeds.For long stems of the plants are placed in each hole.Reeds in the wind starts to "buzz" and transmits these sounds under the ground.Mole such noise is extremely unpleasant, and he hurries off.

Another "noisy" way to scare off a mole - a glass bottle.They are buried in the ground at an angle of 45 degrees, leaving the surface free of the neck.Wind entering the bottle, creating an unbearable Mole hum.

Many used cans, sticking them on stakes stuck into the ground.This design staggered in the wind, much thunder.And so unpleasant sound annoying, not only moles, but also the owner of the site.Therefore, all these "noisy" how quickly will tire less pests, many gardeners themselves and their neighbors.Yes, and they look not very aesthetically pleasing.

«Quiet" and radical measures against moles

In the fight against moles, you can use special traps - krotolovki.They are presented in various forms - from simple wire clips to present a mini-guillotine.However, it has its own "side effects".For example, if you are caught alive mole, then you need to think how to get rid of him.If an animal is killed, then his dead body - not a pleasant sight.

How to deal with moles in the garden of humanity

There ultrasonic repellents moles, and that the animal is not killed, and the person does not cause any trouble.They work by alkaline batteries or solar and inserted directly into the ground.Ultrasound emitted by the device, it is absolutely not hear the person and extremely disagreeable mole.Leave these repellents in the garden you need the entire holiday season.Then no one will bother you the mole.Moreover, he and fellow "will signal" that you have in the garden of them do nothing.