How to remove the restored files from a flash drive ?Learn how to correctly remove the recovered files on a flash drive .

Today we will discuss the question of how to remove the recovered files with the stick, because there are cases when the owner wants to get rid of the media information permanently while maintaining the product in a working condition.


users may accidentally delete necessary documents or files.In some cases, they really disappear forever, but you can try to recover.

physical file occupies a small area on the hard drive or flash drive.Operating system after you delete a file, it does not physically erase the disc.It only marks it as deleted and performs the appropriate operations.Cluster - is related sectors with which the system carries out operations as a single entity.

file entry in directories, called the header file.It describes all attributes, characteristics and location of the file on the disk clusters.One of the operations is the release of clusters that belong to the file, and destroy the information from the file records.After deleting the file clusters are considered to be free.They can be used by others, the newly created file.Over time it comes mashing previous information.But this is not happening immediately.

If a file is deleted, its information does not disappear.Only deleted from the table placing information about the file, ie it is removed from the directory.Therefore, it can not be found, can not be read, see.But if on top of the file did not have time to write, you can try to recover.Recovered files are obtained by running a special program that scans the lists of files on your hard drive sectors.

restore accidentally deleted files in Windows

In Windows, there is a system to delete files in two stages with the help of the basket.The first stage is placed in the basket all the deleted files that can be easily restored or destroyed forever.Data from the basket can easily be restored to the specified location.When you delete data from the basket information is lost forever.

Recovered files from a flash drive

USB flash drive - this is the most convenient and useful device of the computer world.With its help, you can instantly transfer the necessary data from one computer to another without using any special software.

USB flash drive, a standard user uses to store photos, letters, copies of the required information or documents.If you deleted files accidentally and want to restore them, you do not need to write anything on the flash drive, you can not create folders or delete something.The more operations with the stick you spend, the less chance you have to restore files.

If you delete the file itself does not disappear, it removed only information about the file from the file table on a flash drive.This rule applies equally to information stored on the hard disk and flash drives.Nothing is removed immediately, the new information is written to the old.

Special software

Recover files from flash drives are available with a program to recover deleted data.They can help restore a deleted file in whole or in part, if his place has already been recorded another file.

Recover files that were removed on a flash drive, can be carried out in three ways.

Antivirus programs

In the Folder Options uncheck "Hide protected files and folders."Activate the "Show hidden files and folders wheels."Next, open the folder "Computer", and in it - a USB flash drive.Install antivirus software for flash drives, which instantly restores all hidden files and folders on the flash drive.This information will again be available to users.

Recovering information using Recuva

Open the program Recuva.Select the files you want to restore, select the USB flash drive.The program scans the flash drive, detects the presence of deleted files.After scanning a checkmark, which want to restore the files, and we do it.

PhotoRec searches the program information, regardless of file system disk scans every sector of a memory to recover deleted files.

Removing the recovered files

Any information can be erased by accident or on purpose.

following discussion focuses on how to remove the restored files from a flash drive.Erase recovered or source files can be exactly the same.Between these files, there is no difference, and nowhere is the mark that the file was restored.If you take a file created for a long time, it is nowhere to be indicated, adjusted or not the original information contained in it, restore files or not.We shall therefore use the expression "c remove the stick file recovery", bearing in mind that the system is still restored it or the source file.The main thing that he read, and it could easily work: rewrite, copy, and so on. D.

It does not matter where the file resides - on your hard drive or flash drive.The "Delete" can be applied to any type of file or folder that are on the flash drive.

How to remove the restored files from a flash drive: the pitfalls

simply delete a file or folder easily, this is done using the properties of Windows.

Sometimes the user wants to delete the information so that no one has ever been able to restore it.Delete files on a flash drive can be recovered in three ways.

first way - mechanical.Device with which you want to remove information that is applied to mechanical damage.Because of them, a USB flash drive can not be recovered.

The second method is called hardware.The device is subjected to a magnetic field.

The third way - program.This method of removing information closer look.

begin with, how to remove the restored files from a flash drive with the help of the program Recuva.First, you need to delete unnecessary information by using the properties of Windows.To do this, select the files, and then use the key combination Shift + Del.In this situation the Shift key is needed in order to file is temporarily placed in the cart.

After manipulation using Recuva looking for deleted files.In the window that appears, click the link "Go to Advanced mode", then turn to the folder "Settings".

Here we need a button "Safe disposal".You must select a large number of write cycles.The larger the number, the higher the probability that the data will not restore capabilities.

Check how well the information is deleted, it is possible, if you take the same program, but to make file recovery.If we obtain information that it is impossible, everything is done correctly.

There are many programs that can help you permanently delete any file.

delete recovered files through Eraser

This free program, so it is claimed.Its principle of operation is repeated erasing and recording different information.It will permanently delete files from flash recovered, as well as any folders, and source files.This program has clear and accessible interface and is easy to use.

Freeraser - another free program that allows you to remove the recovered files on a flash drive.It has a high degree of reliability, so many users choose it.In this program, there are 3 degrees of data erasure: a reliable, fast and uncompromising.And in the latest version of the program cycles, sequentially erased and rewritten information.And exit it only if you are manually stop the process.

Once the program is completely set, appears on the desktop label with a picture of a basket.All the files are moved to that same basket.Delete files completely when you can confirm this action.

If you urgently need to get rid of information, but there are no programs at hand, then there is a simple way to remove the recovered files on a flash drive.Delete data, then write something else.Again, delete files or record anything, and so a few times.Thus, you erase information permanently.Then you can be assured that to protect yourself from hackers who might be interested in your classified information.

Sometimes, your computer sends the user to another person and does not want his information was someone available.That's when all of the above methods for removing files can be successfully used.