How to align the wooden floors for laminate?

floor in the apartment - the home a matter of pride, as his appearance suggests clean room.When the floors are outdated, no longer do you like, have started to creak and sag, you notice on them scratches, stains or dents, you can easily change them on a new, better-looking and better.Today there are many kinds of floors, odnin of them - laminate.

Repair floor apartment

usually replacing the floor in three stages, but the first can be omitted.So, the first step - dismantling of current coverage, the second - the preparation of the base, and then the alignment of the floor, the last stage - the flooring of the new coating.

Preparing to repair floor

Pre-need to move all the furniture.It is better not to make furniture in the hallway, because it will make the removal of debris after removing the old floor, introduces new materials uncomfortable.Things in the hallway, too, can suffer if they accidentally recorded zadenut or skirting boards.

Repair floor in the apartment - a very clean operation, it does not create a lot of dust or dirt, such as the alignment of the walls and alterations.But it is recommended to cover things that are close to the work area.

Selection of the base and cover to replace the floor

There are two main options for the subfloor: adjustable wood and logs.Although wooden logs - a cheaper option on materials, but more time-consuming and, most importantly, less accurate leveling.

To improve the accuracy of alignment of the floor and to accelerate the process of the work, using self-regulatory lag.Although this option is more expensive.

important criteria in the selection of the new coating are price, quality, appearance, durability.Parquet is a classic option.Laminate wood flooring is easy to install, it is inexpensive, has a different resistance to wear and a variety of colors.Linoleum is easy to pack and to maintain.Carpet is suitable for floors in the bedrooms, but it is inconvenient to clean, and the tiles used in rooms where moisture resistance is important, it has a huge variety of shapes and colors.

Repair of wooden floors

Repair of wooden floors is not as complicated as it seems at first.Standard defects are their slots, and the creak of the "game" boards.Such defects are easily removed, and the coating can last for a long time.

consider other existing options for repair.In fact, it can be called only three alternatives: adjustable floors, cement and dry screed.These repairs can be carried out also in the home, but it can already be attributed to a major overhaul.After all, it would have to dismantle the current wooden floor, alter the basis for the new one.

Should I resort to overhaul, only you can decide.Please note that the board is not broken or rotten, and among the major defects can be called creak, fissures and "play" boards, it is possible to make simple repairs.You can further strengthen and align the old wooden floor, then no problem putting a new cover.

main defects of wooden floors, repair defects

consider carefully the wooden floor.

rotted broken boards should be changed.To do this, remove the troubled board, instead put a new the same thickness.

creaking floor is usually caused by the fact that the board gradually crack, hence the connection boards with lags weakened.As a result, the board will rub on other boards and nails, which, on the contrary, should be fixed, so the floor starts unpleasant creaking.Get rid of this defect as follows: it is necessary to find out the exact location of the problem, fix the problem board with self-tapping screws.If the old nail sways, with time he will come out of the board, which means that it should be removed, otherwise it can leave.

another defect - it is a "game" of sex.On a similar basis to put a new coating can not be, because it will soon fail.That's why this defect should be immediately eliminated.There are two reasons for this behavior of the sexes: it is loose or rotten logs boards.In the first case, you can make a simple repair, namely to replace damaged boards.In another case it is necessary to strengthen the old lags.Under lags usually found overlying plate, to which we attach ourselves lags.To determine their location, looking for a place of attachment boards underneath and tested lags.Then through the floorboards drill hole and fasten a log frame anchor.To mount does not protrude above the surface, you need to drill holes drilled slightly larger diameter.

If you do not plan to lay on the wooden floor surface finish, the presence of the head of the nail surface is not desirable, so you must first remove the plank and then strengthen a log, and then put the board in place.

How to align the wooden floors for laminate?

gradually acquire a hardwood unpresentable view that it even scared to go.Then came the idea to change the cover.It's a wonderful idea, but it is not always possible to remove all the old boards, alter tie, then put a new floor in the reworked surface.In this situation you are faced with the question: how to align the wooden floors for laminate?The answer is much simpler than you think.You can align the wood floor with plywood, which will hide the irregularities eliminate the creaking boards.

One of the most difficult ways to align the floor - sanding or scraping scraping machine.First you need to score all the nails that boards are nailed to the joists.After all, if you miss even one nail, knife grinder naporyutsya it will have to take knives and reface them, then another re-adjust the grinder.Furthermore, a difficulty is the treatment of the floor in the corners, at places which are adjacent to the wall.

summer and winter humidity in the house is completely different, so the floor boards, though treated, still show some of the properties of wood.Over time, the new floor is covered with bumps and dents.How to align the wooden floor under the laminate or face a similar problem?This often use flat materials, such as plywood.

Leveling the floor with plywood

unique material properties make it a good option for floor leveling.Plywood well bent, does not crack, the leaves are large, and it is convenient to operate.It also has the same strength in all directions, not beat and does not break, easy to carry.In plywood layered structure, it makes it solid.When aligning the sexes must be considered as the thickness of the material and its variety, the brand, the degree of processing.

Plywood has the following advantages:

  • simple technology of processing and assembly;
  • quality grinding;
  • light weight;
  • good strength and hardness;
  • moisture resistant and water-resistant;
  • odorless.

Preparing for floor leveling

When you lay plywood and close it with a new cover, access to communications, which are located under the floor, is completely absent.Therefore, starting to repair, check the condition of the cables and pipes.

plywood sheets prepared for repair, you should hold several days in a room, and then proceed to the deck.The thickness of the veneer depends directly on the finish.Aligning the floor under the laminate is to take the material, the thickness of which is equal to 10 mm.

during alignment must adhere to two rules:

  • between the material and the wall should be left about 10 mm;
  • between the sheets need to keep a distance of 2 mm.

Scheme floor leveling

To begin laying the plywood.

First you need to install beacons, distributing them over the surface to form squares of 30x30 cm. Then stacked logs.Take a strip of plywood 3-cm width and attach to the floor using screws or kleey.The next step Saw plywood pieces 60x60 cm. Faulty material must be rejected.Place the squares so that the docking accounted for logs.The extra edge trim.Then fasten the squares with screws.Laying over.

Subsequent treatment depends on the finish.Under the laminate wood floor will have to lay the substrate.After leveling plywood turns smooth, very durable surface, ready for further use.Plywood does not require any special skills, so can be used by beginners.

you learned how to align the wooden floor under the laminate.But this is only the beginning.

Laying laminate floor

laminate - durable coating, because it does not deteriorate from water and dirt, but his weak spot - the castle.Because of it, there are restrictions on the laying foundation.The main requirement to the base - the stiffness.While walking on the laminate, which was laid not on a rigid base, he begins to "play."Then most of the load takes up exactly the castle.It is made of sawdust, so gradually loses strength, accordingly, the compound also loses its strength.The next problem is easy to predict: the board apart, cracks in them gets moisture and dirt.We have to change the laminate.

board laminate has ridges on the side faces, and on the opposite - slots.There are several kinds of designs of these elements, from simple to complex ("Castle").For the first case the adhesive need to be smeared onto the groove.In the second case the entire installation can be done by hand.

scheme laying laminate flooring

leaves start from the wall opposite the door.Mounting be done perpendicularly to the window, then there will be noticeable joints.Subsequent laying laminate - the connection between panels.Be sure to insert wedges between the laminate and the wall next to the coating does not deform during use.At the end of the first row, you may need to trim panel, turning the panel face-down, making measurements and having cut the excess part.A piece that was left after the first series, immediately laid in the next row, thereby obtaining a "checkerboard" pattern.Please note that you need to fold the second row apart from the first, and then connect it to the previous one.On a similar principle laid remaining rows.The last series - the most difficult, because the whole panel can not fit.Then we'll file away the unnecessary portion.At the end of the turn of laying laminate mounting plinth.Under this scheme, you can lay on a wooden laminate flooring yourself.