How to equip a small room?

small room is practically in every home.They are always associated with distress, discomfort, lack of space.If this is one of the many rooms, it's not so bad (although it can be used effectively), but what do the owners, for example, one-bedroom apartments, one room of which serves as a bedroom, living room and dining room?In this case, it will help to create an interior.Ideas as to equip small rooms, plenty, just need a little dream for a while and be reincarnated as a designer.

Colors premises

dark colors visually reduce the space, light - increases.It is from this rule and should be repelled when choosing colors.Professionals recommend to owners of small rooms to give up too bright colors in large quantities.Not only that, it will look too rough, so also visually reduce the size of the room.Long stay in the colorful room can cause headaches.It is best to opt for bright colors such as beige, white, green, gray, light blue.

recommended to choose wallpaper with a fine pattern, a large ornament looks more appropriate in large halls, rather than in a small room.You can play on the contrast of the ceiling, walls and floor.The latter should be much darker, but the main thing - do not overdo it.The design rooms of small size implies compliance with monochrome.It is possible to select the furniture the same color may be slight variations in colors.This will visually enlarge the space.

Choosing Curtains Curtains

also play a major role in setting up small spaces.Ideas for small rooms require the purchase of light, flowing curtains of light shades that would not burden the space and did not attract undue attention.Curtains should be combined with the walls, they can even be performed in one color.Fabrics should be by air, you can give preference to gas tulle.To visually enlarge the window, you should hang curtains on the sides.Curtains should be long, short options are not even worth considering.

How to use the space?

Before you equip the small room, you should determine what they should be, the purposes for which they are designed.A small room does not tolerate disorder, scattered things at once create a feeling of tightness, discomfort, so each dress, each cup, figurine, books and so on. D. Should know their place.All the space you want to use to the maximum.For example, why buy a dresser, bookcase and wardrobe, bookshelf, if all this can be replaced by a functional wall?So the place is saved, and the room will be much neater and more spacious.

ideas for small rooms require the purchase of multi-functional furniture.Many designers recommend for the one-bedroom apartments to buy a bed that transforms into a wall, but afford such a purchase may not all.But even people with an average income can afford to buy a sofa-bed that night can sleep two people, and in the afternoon it looks neat and ready to receive guests.In addition, the inside can be folded linens, pillows.Thus, not only save space, but also money.Instead of a large table, it is desirable to buy a folding coffee table or the one that is attached to the wall and, if necessary, be omitted.

Magnification premises

repair in a small room involves the establishment of large mirrors, reflective surfaces.These accessories visually expand the space, make it brighter by the reflection of light.Therefore, professionals recommend installing a mirror in front of windows.Buying cabinet is to give preference to models with glass doors.Create the illusion of ease to help the chairs with transparent legs, glass top, furniture made of transparent plastic.

Zoning premises

Many people wonder how to equip a small apartment to get her versatility.There will only proper zoning.For example, one room can be divided into sleeping and working space, the space is even possible to limit the screens or curtains.This allowed the use of different colors of light sources - should create the illusion of two separate rooms.Furniture should be set in such a way that it does not interfere with anyone.The freer the floor, so it seems more spacious room.

Terms lightening

Before equip small rooms should worry about lighting, natural or artificial.Bright room visually seems much roomier than the dark.If there is a large window, it is not necessary to close the curtains, on the contrary, it should attract attention.Artificial lighting should be used if the room is not located on the sunny side.Chandelier is best to choose a clear, small size.

for small spaces should buy dwarf furniture.Bulky chairs discarded immediately;Now manufacturers have a lot of comfortable chairs small size.You can buy a sofa: the size it is, but takes up much less space than usual.

How to equip a small bathroom?

equip the small room is much harder than great, because everything has to be placed while leaving a free space.For a small bathroom should buy shallow cabinets, cupboards, because the more cumbersome structure will occupy a lot of space.From urinals and bidets have to give.You also need to choose between a shower and bathtub.The first option is more practical and compact.If you want to treat yourself once in a while, soak in the foam, you can buy a corner bath with curtain.

small shower room with a niche that can accommodate a washing machine or cabinet with sliding doors.Be sure to hang a large mirror, as it is visually expand the space.In deciding "how to equip small rooms" is not the last role played by the colors.It is recommended to choose light colors: they increase the optical space.

Rules repair in the living room

Furnished our living room, keep in mind four basic rules: order, a minimum of furniture, compact in all bright colors.It sets out the repair in a small room, you need to understand that the room should be functional, but not overloaded.Of course, the house collects a lot of things, and the time comes when there is no place to put them becomes.You can buy cabinets, walls, commodes and all add up to, but here the problem, because too much furniture will reduce this valuable space.

bulky sofas, chairs, tables, better to replace the chairs without armrests with a low back, ottoman, coffee table, sofa.The colors should be neutral, not to attract attention.Bright colors, big patterns optically overload the room, so from saturated or dark shades should be abandoned.Small-sized living room is perfect palette of three colors, it must be present bright colors.

How to make the office functional and comfortable?

Each person must be room in which he can hide from home and do their personal affairs.Sometimes it is necessary for the office very little space, yet it has to be functional and comfortable.Before you equip the small room, you need to decide their destiny.If the account is used only on weekends, and even then, to read a good book or check your email, browse the daily press, it is quite a small table, a pair of comfortable chairs and a bookcase.

In this room, you can also allocate space for a home library, finishing wall shelves from floor to ceiling.Besides the lower shelves can be used to store other items.If the account is used to receive business partners, then you need to take care of the compact and comfortable chairs, if space allows, you can buy a small sofa, a table for drinks.

Adhering to the simple implementation of the rules, you can even make a little room of functional, light and spacious living room, bedroom, bathroom or office.