How to install blinds on plastic windows.

blinds on the windows - a trendy and comfortable decor element that is becoming increasingly popular among consumers.Its installation takes a little time, but still requires certain skills.Of course, it is better if you invite a specialist, but most can cope with this task.And today's article will tell you how to install shutters on the windows, giving detailed instructions of this process.

Methods for installing shutters

Shutters are mounted in one of three ways:

  1. in the window opening.
  2. the sash window.
  3. vnakladku.

choice depends on the wishes of the owner and the design of the windows.For example, if you attach to the slope of the window venetian blinds manufactured in a continuous web, they can interfere with the opening of the valves, and each time before using the window, you will have to collect them completely.So, it is wiser to install individual paintings on the window sash.

way described decor elements can be installed in the normal folding box and on the sloping roof, while the ge

neral principles of the settings are saved for all types of window constructions.

Measuring work

Before installing shutters on windows, you need to make the most accurate measurements.And this is done taking into account the type of installation.It is important not to forget some details.

  • For example, if you decide to fix the blinds in the window opening, subtract the measurements when the window size of about 2 cm in height (so they will not touch the window sill).A
  • installation option requires vnakladku added when measuring 5 cm in width on each side to close the window opening.
  • Incidentally, the measurement of the size of the blinds to be mounted on the wings, it is necessary not to forget about window accessories: it should not interfere with the canvas up and down.

height blinds you define with the wishes: either it is only up to the window sill, or - to the floor

In order to avoid mistakes and ensure correct measurement, it is possible when buying blinds to carry the exact parameters of the windows,then the calculation for you to produce professional experts.

Layout and installation

Design features blinds for plastic windows require the most precise measurement and installation.To do this, you must first make a layout mounts.

Make sure the blinds do not interfere with opening and closing the window.On the other side, where it will be regulating the power cord, make additional fixing, as in this location on the structure will provide increased load.

Fasteners shutters firmly fix on the wall or ceiling with screws and dowels.Then install the cornice, which carries the sliders and slats.Do not forget to check whether the mechanism regulating the blinds!

Features mounting vertical blinds on the plastic window

The only difference is how to install blinds on plastic windows (depending on the horizontal or vertical form have these curtains) is the choice of location for their attachment.When it comes to horizontal blinds, they can hang on the upper part of the slope, and the window itself, and the vertical - top just above the window opening.Incidentally, for ease of use and to portions of such curtains are not greatly swayed by the air draft, each plate is provided with a load, and further communicates with the adjacent lamellae plastic chain.

What is the problem for the installation of plastic windows blinds

windows are considered to be sufficiently problematic to install blinds.The fact that the drilling can not only spoil the mountable element of the decor, but the window itself.So be very careful, and if possible, give preference to those kinds of fashionable decor, which can be attached without drilling - so you save power and not damage its beautiful windows.

If louvers are mounted on the sash window, the width of them must be equal to the width of the window, with a margin of 3 cm (one and a half centimeters on each side).Use to set a special fixings for this type of windows that allow you to not drill a window profile.

Roller blinds for plastic windows

Roller blinds are also called tissue shutters.They have the practicality and functionality, giving the room a special warmth and often acting as a bright interior details.The unquestionable advantages of this type of decoration is a compact design, and the ability to perform the installation by using double-sided tape.

To install roller blinds on the windows, you need to purchase those that are made up of boxes, which houses a roll, and flat or U-shaped guides.By the way, the presence of these items allows you to use curtains on tilt and turn window sash.

Installing shutters

Depending on your wishes mounting roller blinds can be done over the window opening, and inside it.You can choose and the type of installation to fix the curtains on the wall or ceiling.Often blinds can simply screw or screws, for example, attached to the eaves for curtains.To mount blinds for plastic windows without drilling in the OBI or other proprietary construction supermarkets you get special brackets for clamping.With their help, you can not drilling holes and without causing damage, fix the blinds on the window frame.

Features mounting blinds on the double sided tape

measurements for blinds and produce across the width and height of the outer edge of the so-called window glazing bead (centimeter plastic edging around the glass).Keep in mind that if your windows curly or rounded border, it needs to add measurements to 9 mm on each side, as in this case, the guide curtain will stick a little further.

Remember that properly install blinds on plastic windows can only be using a builder's level!

  • Before installing the side rails shtapiki degrease using a cloth soaked in alcohol.This will give more reliable adhesion surfaces.
  • Then paste double sided tape guides, gently pressing down their entire length.
  • On the same adhesive tape glued and duct-tape from the roll.Install it above the fold of the window, carefully aligning and then after a while the blind, so she hit the slots guide, and carefully push the box to the surface.
  • Secure the required length of chain to lower the roller shutters.
  • all.Your new shutters are ready to use!

A few tips

Before installing blinds for plastic windows independently, be aware that these kinds of expensive curtains provided a guarantee, may subsequently have problems with warranty service.

If you do make a mistake in the measurements, and, for example, horizontal blinds turned out longer than necessary, remove them from the lower ledge, untie the cord and remove the required number of slats.Do not forget to cut the cord and an extra portion!Excess width curtains cuts only in the folded state, and certainly on a level surface.

Plastic blinds when dirty wash with soapy water and cloth blinds, unless prohibited by the instructions, wash at least once a year.To do this, remove them from the eaves, and turning into a roll, put into a solution of washing powder - dirt can easily run off with curtains.Hang them back wet and dries, they straighten under its own weight.

You learned what feature of the installation of plastic windows blinds as these curtains are attached and how to care for them.We hope you will be able to make the right choice and decorate your interior a fashionable and vivid detail.