Stylish and trendy coral manicure

find the right manicure at any particular outfit is not so difficult.Especially if you observe a few simple rules.So, for example, coral manicure perfectly compatible with all shades of red, pink, mint, and some kinds of blue.But this is not all that is needed to take into account.


to coral manicure was relevant, it is first necessary to determine the shade of nail polish.Yes, they exist a few.Some softer and softer, some - brighter and more cause.It is believed that if the chosen dress is dominated by bright colors, it is better to choose a manicure "Silencing" that is softer and more gentle.It gives the image of harmony and completeness.That is why the masters of nail art manicure advised to choose coral color is not under any one outfit, but under most of the things available in the wardrobe.Or at least for the clothes, which is planned for the week to wear.


is the important part of nail art.Coral manicure with a pattern looks very stylish, especially given the current fashion trends that dictate the rules.Single-colored varnish is no longer a trend.That is why the need to learn the easiest patterns and figures.This significantly save money on the march to the salon.

Marine theme

Make a simple but spectacular coral nail polish (photo number 1) with a beautiful design can be for a few minutes.It would take:

  • lacquer base color;
  • white lacquer with a fine brush;
  • clearcoat.

If there is a special varnish with a thin brush, you can use a regular brush of the liquid eyeliner.It is first necessary to thoroughly rinse under running water and then dried.

nails neatly rasp, if necessary, and then covered with transparent varnish.Well, if there is a basis for a special manicure with vitamins and minerals, which protects the nail plate from the external negative factors.When the transparent layer dries out, it is applied to coral nail polish.If it is necessary (for example, getting richer and the dense shade), the action is performed twice.It should be remembered that every layer must dry thoroughly, otherwise manicure greased.

When the above steps are performed, you need to prepare a piece of paper.That it is better to make the first strokes of a fine brush.So more than likely that the line will turn out flavorful and crisp.To get shown above coral nail polish (photo with anchors), first on the ring finger of broken lines draw lines with sharp "peaks", and then on the index - anchor.

When the design is completely dry, cover it with transparent varnish, quick drying or fixative for manicure.One very thin and even layer.There is a small trick that helps you drawing patterns faster and more accurately.To varnish was thick and stretched in the process, it is first put in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.So it is suitable for longer work.

stylish and trendy manicure

This coral color (pictured above) will appeal to not only the glamorous ladies, but also quite ordinary girls who want a trendy, fresh and trendy nail art.Make way, it can be their own.

required for him:

  • foil for nail art golden;
  • mikropyl brilliant;
  • coral nail polish;
  • transparent varnish;
  • scissors and tweezers.

first marigolds covered with clear lacquer or base to extend the life of manicure in the future, then applied to the base color for all nails, except one - the ring.There's color completely useless.The foil is cut or torn into very small pieces.Unnamed claw overlapping transparent varnish, which, until it has dried, spread the forceps pieces of foil.Straighten it can be the reverse side of the instrument.

All marigolds again overlap transparent varnish, but on the index in the cuticle and sprayed mikropyl.Wizards recommended to perform this operation using a fan brush.Since the spray area becomes larger, but the material is dispersed evenly at the same time and be careful.Stylish manicure coral color (photo shown just above) is ready!

more design options

Coral manicure, as indeed any other, is good in that you can combine several types of design.For example, and sea, and glamorous.The photo above is perfectly transferred.This combination gives the image of a highlight.And most importantly, it is also suitable for parties, and for travelers and for everyday wear.Edakii versatile option for any occasion.

Coral manicure looks very impressive with acrylic painted lace or stickers.The last can be used at home without any prior preparation.Simply put varnish on the nails, give it to dry, and then gently place the lace in areas of the nail bed, where it would have looked appropriate.Overlapping this design sverzu transparent varnish is not necessary.

few tips

manicure What a really stylish and beautiful, you need to learn how to combine colors.For example, coral looks good with golden and silvery, with shades of "metallic".However, around the need to adhere to the measures.If it thinks coral manicure, the main emphasis should be exactly on a coral color and the rest - only to supplement it.Not more than 35% of the entire area of ​​the design.Particularly complex elements draws better on paper first, and then on the nails.