Apartments in Israel for foreign tourists

Every month, the Israeli international airport "Ben-Gurion" (Tel Aviv) and "Ovda" (Eilat) come hundreds of thousands of visitors.For fans of the exact numbers - in 2008 Israel was visited by three million foreigners;since this figure is growing every year.

Some fly to Israel to relate to religious shrines, others - to visit the famous archaeological sites, others dream quickly plunge into the gentle waves of the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, the fourth going to be treated in Israeli hospitals or well-known hospitals in the Dead Sea.Someone flying on a meeting with business partners or to participate in the conference, while others (particularly many Russians, the citizens of Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR) was going to visit relatives or friends, many years ago immigrated to Israel.

Most of those arriving in Israel from abroad, needs a quality temporary housing.Then, already in place, many foreign faced with the problem: the well-developed hospitality industry, Israel is unable to offer accommodation options in the hotel, suiting everyone.Some face a shortage of rooms in high season, for someone accustomed to North American or Western European levels of services are not satisfied with service in the Israeli hotel.Finally, some tourists consider the cost of hotel accommodation too high.What do you do in this situation?

There is a way - to apply to one of the many real estate agencies in Israel.In today's highly developed market of Israel, short-term rental apartments, a rental service for a daily fee, not only successfully compete with the services of first-class hotels, but also often overlap them whenever possible.Removing an apartment in Israel, you will not only get the opportunity to live in a faraway exotic country with the comforts of home, but are freed from the constraints imposed by staying at a hotel (daily food, cleaning, possible problems with the reception of the guests, etc.).In addition, short term rental luxury apartments in Israel will cost you much cheaper than a hotel room average.

Currently, the real estate market of Israel offers a choice of a large number of different options: apartments rented in the center of the country and on its outskirts, in big cities and smaller towns, in the first line of the sea or inland.You can select the number of rooms, floor area of ​​the city and other parameters.Eventually you will be satisfied with the fact that prefer to rent an apartment for a short period.

Apartments for rent - excellent alternative to rooms at the hotel!