10 ways to transform the interior of the autumn

Each season dictates the rules.In the fall I want to turn your home into the coziest place where there is warmth and comfort.In our selection collected 10 ways to make the apartment more comfortable and bright.

Autumn composition

for interior decoration will fall by the way dead branches, dried leaves, bright decorative pumpkin.Of them can form a stylish composition by combining the materials in a wicker basket or glass candlesticks.

decorative fireplace with candles

In inclement autumn weather as never helps fireplace.In urban apartments can build its stylish imitation - to buy a portal from polyurethane and filled "home" numerous candles of different sizes.

Herbarium as paintings

stylish picture with their hands to do very easily.One need only go for a walk and bring home the most beautiful maple leaves and then put them under glass.

Bright pillows

bright textiles - the easiest way to make the interior more comfortable.With the help of colorful pillowcases easy to fill your room with new warm colors.

Multicolored stairs

more colors in the interior - the easier it is tolerated mediocrity and bad weather.At the art facility that will delight every day, it is possible to turn the staircase.This will require strips of old wallpaper and ordinary glue.

Bright furniture

most time and to give new life to old furniture.With colorful paint cans easily transform a dresser or cabinet.

Stand boots

To protect the floor from water and dirt, it is necessary to build the stand for wet shoes.

Leaflets windows

Windows can not only decorate the snowflakes in the New Year.The leaves are glued to the glass, the interior will make a positive and original.

Accessories on the marine theme

Those who yearn for the summer can make the bathroom a little reminder of the marine leisure.For example, the paste over the mirror frame shells collected in the summer.

Fixtures own hands

And, of course, is to take care of that in the interior there is enough light sources.Handy table lamps, candles, and even home-made lamps.To make a lamp in the form of acorns, enough to use as lampshades glass jars and then wrap them brown twine.

Articles Source: novate.ru