Travel to the island of Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean.Since ancient times, it was considered an important strategic target because of the convenient geographical location.Covering an area of ​​almost 26 thousand sq. a population of 5 million. pers. Sicily is an administrative region of Italy, including a 9 provinces.

Because of the relatively hilly terrain on the island there is a tendency to a slight drop in temperature.The climate is mild, subtropical, but in the summer heat reached 45 degrees., So in July, better to keep coastal areas.Here, due to the high humidity, the heat is transferred easily.

Sicily - an extraordinary island is amazingly beautiful orange groves can coexist with desert steppes.Terrifying, an active volcano on the background of azure coast produces a magical effect.Ruins of ancient Greek temples, historical traces of the Arab conquerors, it all together like a fairy tale.

On three sides the island is washed by three seas - the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian.Because of its shape resembling a triangle, an island in ancient times was called Trinacria first, then Sikaniya, and much later - Sicily.

Every city on this island has some kind of a feature, its flavor, so you travel the cities of Sicily, it is impossible to identify which cities to visit in the first place.

For example, fans of ancient monuments should definitely visit or Ragalna Randazzo, or any other town in the center of the island, near Mount Etna.Ancient churches, the cathedral, striving upward, nature reserve - all of these cities is for a measured flow of life.It is noteworthy that there are still preserved some of the ancient laws.For example, in the streets of Ragalna impossible to meet a lonely married woman.Following local custom, the bride after the marriage is obliged to stay at home and go out can only be accompanied by a husband or relatives.

For a simple beach holiday you can use any small town belonging to the coastal zone.The earliest invaders - Byzantines, Normans and Greeks - have left their traces in cities such as Palermo.There are architectural masterpieces of the founders of the city - the Carthaginians.It is believed that the city reached its peak during the reign of the Arabs.Thanks to them, today you can admire the Palatine Chapel and the Cathedral in Montreal.The highlight of Palermo is considered the city market.Long bargain with sellers is considered good manners, and among the assorted goods any tourist can find himself something to taste.A pleasant time Activity is considered to visit any of the many theaters.

During the reign of the Greek city of Syracuse enjoyed a period of prosperity.Thanks to this modern tourist can visit the temple of Madonna really Lacrime or archaeological museum with a fairly lengthy exposition.Every self-respecting tourist considers mandatory visit the archaeological zone with a cleft, the so-called Ear of Dionysius.There is a legend according to which, the ruler Dionysius drove their slaves into the crevice, and not far from it put its people to overhear what they say slaves.The fact is that in this crevice quite good acoustics and echo even softly whisper becomes ten times louder.And Syracuse nice that in many shops can be found among the goods real papyrus.And it is not a Greek, but a real local.Few people know that Syracuse - is the second largest city in the production of the papyrus.

Catania - a city of contradictions.There are luxury villas next door to the miserable hovels, and beautiful botanical gardens spread out side by side with empty dirty streets.Over its history, the city was subjected to four times the impact of natural disasters, the city flooded by lava erupting in the vicinity of the volcano, the earthquake destroyed buildings, and only to the 18th century the city was rebuilt resident of Palermo, Giovanni Battista Baccarin.And the architect as a building material used hardened lava and basalt.

For tourists who decide to improve their health - a straight road to the hot springs.There are close to the town of Agrigento, Taormina or Termini.Speaking of Taormina, relating to the province of Messina, about her even Maupassant said that if asked, a town in Sicily must visit definitely, he replied: "Certainly Taormina."Anna Akhmatova called this town the most poetic city in the land, and Goethe - the most beautiful in the world.After all, the very location of the city, high above sea level, allows you to contemplate the extraordinary beauty of the surroundings.Ancient Theatre - the main attraction of Taormina, located on a hill, as far Etna in haze of the horizon and the coastal strip - create beautiful scenery more theater.

Taormina beaches will satisfy even the most demanding taste.Sandy and pebbly, framed by cliffs and gorges, amazing grottoes and caves.You can see it with your own eyes, if you go on a sea voyage.The natural attractions here include the Azure Grotto at Cape St. Andrew, Mazzarò Bay, located between Cape St. Andrew and Izolla island.And the water is of such purity and beauty, which can not be found, perhaps, in all of Italy.

We would like to say about the islands Izolla Bella and Cyclops.Naernoe, it is the most beautiful island of Sicily.Reserves located here affect the diversity of its inhabitants.And on the island of the Cyclops marine fauna is so rich that it seems you get into some kind of fairyland.Underwater cliffs, caves and valleys - bizarre forms of volcanic origin, right here attract tourists, divers, for which there is a variety of ready-made submarine routes.

Another resort in the province of Messina - the seven Aeolian Islands, it is not similar to each other, forming the picturesque archipelago.The islands are hot springs, mud baths and two active volcanoes.

In the vicinity of the small town of Realmonte, near Agrigento, is "Turkish Stairs."This natural stone creation are obtained by washing the solid rock so that began to resemble the shape of a ladder.According to legend, a thousand years ago, the Turks landed on shore, they used these "steps" to get up, hence the name "ladder."Amazing beauty boulders consisting of white limestone, have given wonderful medical material - white clay that is attractive enough for tourists who want to improve their health and pitying the money to visit the hot springs.

Travel Sicily is more acceptable to the car by taking it out.And you can be reached from the mainland by ferry.The vehicle bus is preferable that, when traveling on a bus, you can not always make a stop at will, while en route to the beautiful landscapes and attractions come across at every turn.But it should be remembered that petrol stations along the way do not occur very often, and only work until the evening, so the road should stock up on fuel.Trails, both paid and free, are limited in speed, it also should be considered in order not to get into trouble and do not spoil your holiday.

Sicilian cuisine is very different from the rest of the Italian cuisine.Changes in tastes brought the conquerors, replacing each other for centuries.For example, the Greeks brought to the island of olives and wine making in our time Sicily is famous for the quality of olive oil.Romans ennobled table wheat bread.The Arabs were the first to grow eggplant and planted orange groves.They also laid the foundation for the production of marzipan cheese, pasta and ice cream.They brought the cinnamon and saffron.And the Spaniards began producing chocolate, put the potatoes and tomatoes.

All this, coupled with the variety, native seafood, brought in Sicilian cuisine a special flair.

For entertainment, except for the above-described diving and zoos - you can visit the well-known mark Etnalenda, the largest amusement park for children and adults.Includes Dinazavrov park, grand laser show, extreme descent down the river with crocodiles and water park with a huge quantity of various slides.

in the surrounding area of ​​Caltanissetta, and near Montreal, water parks are smaller.

When the winter season you can try to do extreme slalom at Etna.And, of course, consistent and ubiquitous discos.

In memory of the trip, you can bring the statuette, the benefit of production in Sicily is well established.Very popular corals, because over time, the art of their processing is developed far enough.Fans can purchase pottery interesting vases, wall plates with the image of the local subjects.Similar souvenirs is best to buy in the city of Caltagirone, as it is here live artisans, souvenirs are made with their own hands.This papyrus or quality olive oil - will also become excellent gifts.

Souvenirs, inexpensive gifts and products can be purchased in Sicily in urban markets, which are in almost every city.The only thing to know about them in advance - some, not particularly large cities, allow markets to work only a few days a week.But in the big cities such as Palermo or Catania, markets operate on a permanent basis.

But the clothing, footwear or other expensive purchases to make better known stores in big cities.In Palermo, it stores the Dome Square, the theater district and Massimo Via Roma.In the center of Catania is a large boutique Korzo Italy, and close to the outskirts of the city, you can go to the shops of Misterbianco, where prices for high-quality, well-known models is significantly lower than in the center.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the holiday in Italy, Sicily, in particular, is an expensive pleasure.The cost of food in restaurants is quite high, and to find affordable pleasant establishment, have for a long time wandering in search.True, quality stuff and bite their prices, so you should never forget the significant cash reserve.

Sicilians - wonderfully warm and friendly people, is completely devoid of stiffness.Respect for anyone, even a stranger, helpfulness, openness and honesty - all this, coupled with the pleasant atmosphere of permanent holiday and the beauty of the picturesque corner of the world - will make an unforgettable holiday in Sicily.