Affectionately known as a favorite?

It's no secret that people love, some time after the beginning of romantic relationships begin to not only call each other by name, but also to give affectionate nicknames.Psychologists who study such couples have found that if the partners refer to each other by means of words, this means that in the union of two loving people reign harmony and understanding.

will understand!

guys knows how affectionately called his girlfriend to her heart melted.Typically, these nicknames are obtained spontaneously and are a special part of the relationship.Unlike women, "loving ears," men are more skeptical to all sorts of nicknames.At least more than half of them react negatively if she appeals to him not by name, but using a "secret" word in public.This is due to the fact that the code words, nicknames men associated with personal, intimate part of life that is usually hidden from the public eye.Therefore, such a dilemma, affectionately known as the beloved, the female half of humanity is much sharper.

In his studies, psychologists have gone much further: try to group the affectionate nickname for certain categories and find out what they mean from a scientific point of view.But first things first.

affectionately known as a favorite?

According to one of the classifications that offer valiant explorers, all the nicknames they share in meaning of words.Thus, they all share the affectionate words used by people in love with each other, the usual, diminutives, parent, passive-aggressive, "edible", passionate and "zoological" nickname.

Pleasant nickname

What do you call a loved one tenderly?Who will tell.The usual nicknames include really the most familiar to us the word that we hear almost every couple: cute, darling, darling, darling, wonderful, my happiness, best, family, and others.By diminutive include these words: baby, little wife, shalunishka, baby, doll, pretty face, laponka and many others.

in Section parent nicknames include words like mommy, daddy, and it is not necessary that the couple had children.This appeal can be addressed to each other, for example, if the spouses have a pet.

to the nickname in the category with a terrible name "passive-aggressive" are such applications as gryaznulka, hryunka, goosey and other similar words.Yes, surprisingly, there are couples who shortcomings of its partners, as well as some hidden irritation as the second half as a beat like these unattractive for some people nicknames.

"Sweet" nickname

In the most "delicious" category affectionate nickname - the full expanse for gourmets.Affectionately known as a favorite?For these purposes, you can use nice phrases like candy, caramel, berries, Chupikov (derived from sweet lollipop), pies, biscuits or sugary.

Passionate Klitschko, who rewarded his dearly beloved, offer such options: male, hot stuff, Apollo, sugar baby, naughty.

"little animals"

last category - "zoological" nicknames - such as endless as the first.How can you call a favorite with such a variety of wildlife?Here and there are bunnies, Kitties, squirrels, fish, horses, bees, doves, lioness and cubs, birds and butterflies.In general, for the imagination in this category - the full expanse.

How to call his girlfriend, in addition to all of the above?In addition to nicknames such division, there is also a behavioral unconscious motives.Why do we want to call the second half, not only by name, where are many, it would seem quite absurd nicknames, and even non-existent in the Russian language the word?The fact that some couples this manner of treatment to each other is a game.Partners simply use the image that is on the surface, so head there and then comes right word.For example, if a girl is petite and slender, I immediately want to call it affectionately reed, luxuriant hair holders automatically become lionesses, red-haired - chanterelles and excellent kulinarka in the eyes of a man in love - certainly sorceress.

Some do not use special catchwords, and the question of how we can affectionately call a loved one, the answer is simply that transformed his name in the diminutive form.So there Svetikov, Alyonushka, Irishki, Tanyushka.Olga turns to fawn and Allan - Red flower.

Unfortunately, many nicknames girls get in addition to the short novel by an experienced Lovelace, who, instead of having to remember the name of the chosen one, prefer goddesses, queens or charodeek.

How to call his girlfriend?So that it was nice.Therefore, giving your loved one affectionate nickname to emphasize the special relationship to it, you need to follow a few simple rules, so they do not spoil a wonderful relationship.First, there are people who do not like and do not recognize any, even the most innocent and affectionate nicknames.If your partner falls into this category, do not argue and call him by his name.Second, do not be offended if you call a loved pupsikom, and he'll just Ksjushej.Maybe people just are not accustomed to such treatment or is not classified as romantics, for whom such details as affectionate nicknames, are of great importance.


Another embarrassing blunder could be a kind word that accidentally hurt feelings.Affectionately known as beloved to her not to offend?Who will give about this piece of advice: do not call crumpets girl having complexes about their figures, because such treatment, even if it is sincere and tender, could hurt her.

If your significant other against the diminutive facing each other in public, do not do it, although you can whisper something nice in her ear.

Sometimes it happens that the use of any other word other than his own name partner irritating because "everyone is doing it around."Believe me, even without using nicknames, you can say the name of a loved one with such depth of feeling that for him, this tone will be more important than repeatedly pronounced "bear."


And the most important thing.Despite the fact that we all know, affectionately called the favorite, do not forget that even the most pleasant nickname will not replace the care of each other and this mutual love.