Annuity payments: make the right choice when you make a loan!

loans have become part of our lives, they can buy expensive things without waiting for salaries, bonuses.Moreover, given the inability of the Russian people to save money and the increased need for comfort as well as competition among banks, the possibility of loan ceases to amaze our contemporaries.However, not all yet understood in a variety of conditions of banks.And for good reason.Some allow you to lower your monthly mortgage payments (low rate differential payments), while others raise their (annuity payments, short term).

Obviously favorable terms in lending programs is the low interest rate.Less obvious advantages lie in the method of repayment.For example, if you choose, as a condition differentiated payments, you'll see a huge amount of monthly payments in your schedule, which, however, decreases with each passing month.In contrast differentiation offered so-called annuity payments.By choosing them, you extinguish the debt in equal installments each month.But the amount of overpayment on the loan in the end will be much higher.

For many of our citizens equal payments are the most attractive, given that the majority of the working people's main income is stable and unchanged.In other words, knowing in advance that you are able to set aside from their paycheck a certain amount for debt repayment (from 5 to 15 thousand. Rubles), better to choose annuity latezhi (besides many programs lending banks do not provide ability to select another method of repayment).If your income is not so constant, but much higher than average, it is possible to use the system of differentiated payments, or choose a loyal program with equal payments.

But before you sign a loan agreement with the bank, be sure that if the program includes annuity payments, early repayment is not prohibited.Suddenly you will be able to pay off the bank much earlier than the period (taken from the reserve), which is specified in the agreement.I would not like for this desire to get a fine (in the text of the agreement is called a moratorium on the early repayment).Some banks, allowing the charge than needed, set a minimum size of 10 thousand. Rubles, or even 30 thousand. Such additional payments to monthly payments, as a rule, no one is, to pay equal installments entire term.Although these requirements of banks are the exception rather than the rule.Many long abandoned the moratorium, fines and minimum amounts of early repayment.The reason for this failure lies not in competition between banks, and benefit.The fact is that in the case of equal payments is not always wise to try to repay the loan ahead of schedule.To find out, you should know how to accrue charges.

annuity payments are equal, though, it is important to know that in the first half of the period, they mainly consist of interest accrued by the bank, and only then from the principal.According to a differentiated system of the entire loan is divided into equal payments, but at the beginning of the period added to them interest.It turns out that "cheat" you will pay the first months of the credit agreement, and immediately repaying the principal debt.And on the annuity system, the amount of the loan is extinguished slowly, and interest thereon are distributed to the whole period.

It should bring for themselves rule: do not extinguish prematurely annuity loan.Wanting to quickly pay off the loan, you will lose out on more than a percentage.

These nuances, like many others, is very important.If you often resort to credit and do not want to overpay, to be sensitive to the conditions of the bank, especially those that can be selected at registration: the loan period, the method of repayment, the interest rate.