What threatens the credit for Rollback

In today's world among various bank loans, you can find a kind of alternative credit.So-called credit for the rollback, allowing you to take in excess of the amount set by the bank several times.It's quite convenient for someone the way, but very risky.Since most companies or people offering similar services, can deceive.Let us consider in more detail how the credit for the rollback.

Why you may need credit for the rollback

For example, you have a bad credit history.And then you want to get a car loan, well, or just vital million rubles.Banks, one after another denied you.Or are you already have one loan, and do not give a second.

And once a person faced with such a problem, it immediately begins to search for a way out.The first thing to which he resorts - is to search for your web or in newspapers.And here in front of the client, who are in difficult financial situation, is a decision - to agree to take a loan, or find another way out?

What is the scheme

Driving this scam is that the banks can not give loans to individuals without the recommendation of a co-signer.They may become a familiar borrower and a stranger, that is a professional guarantor.In the latter case it will be necessary to pay a certain amount, typically 2-5% from their money.But it is possible, if it is in collusion with the management, a bank offered credit.But the amount of rollback could double, after negotiations with the bank.

Bureau to help with credit for the rollback, for approximately six months, disappears.In the event of the bank's problems with the payment of loans, there is a rapid calculation of such guarantors and customers.

should know that those offices or people who take credit for helping to roll back, commit a crime, at least violating two articles of the Criminal Code: "tax evasion" and "fraud".They can not be trusted.

What threatens to roll back the loan for?

guarantor Since signing the agreement did not, for its reinforcement.And the company, which acts on behalf of the guarantor - the usual ephemeral, that after six months can disappear without a trace.And as soon as the scheme revealed a scam, the first thing to suffer the borrower, and that he will have to prove that these actions he did not receive any benefits.

Total, we highly recommend that you do not resort to illegal schemes of the loan.If you have a bad credit history, or if you need the amount that the banks do not give, look better online 25signals.ru legitimate white schemes of loans in difficult situations.