Sanitary Ware - a ... technology and manufacturing sanitary ware

objects made of sanitary ware, humanity enjoys only the second century.Prior to that, toilets, sinks and bathtubs are made only of metal.And before water closet had not been invented, although the device for removing impurities found during excavations in ancient China and ancient Otrar (Kazakhstan), and Leonardo da Vinci invented the toilet seat with discharge into the sewer for their king.

Why plumbing made of porcelain?

difficult not to agree with the fact that sanitary ware - is the most common material for use in a humid place, like a bathroom.Items of household ceramics, coated with a special glaze, meet the basic quality:

  • products are very durable;
  • easily cleaned of dirt and water attacks;
  • have a beautiful aesthetic appearance;
  • variety of designs, shapes and colors never ceases to amaze and delight;
  • perfectly in tune with any finishing materials;
  • resistant to absorption of moisture and odors;
  • have a glossy, almost mirror-like surface.

Technological features of production

sanfayans material is prepared by mixing varieties of white clay, silica sand, kaolin and high-temperature firing in a special mode.Inherently sanitary ware - a dense, non-porous ceramics coated with a glaze.The homogeneous mixture of the components itself, the better the texture of the finished product.

first prepared mixture is poured into molds, where it gives off excessive moisture.Then, the extracted semi-finished products are dried in the initial temperature of about 600 degrees.If you skip this step, inevitably cracking products at the hot baking mostly.The dried preform covered by a liquid mixture containing the specific components including the glass powder and other additives.It is at the stage of glazing pottery gets all the specified color: pink or white, black or blue, green or purple.Everything depends on the substances mixed into the liquid glaze, which protects the ceramic body from soaking moisture and odor absorption.

final firing is carried out in special furnaces at temperatures above 1100 degrees.Gradually cooling down directly in closed ovens, plumbing acquires the appearance and qualities for which so valued in the modern market.

quality sanitary ware - is dried and burned in accordance with all stages of the process chain of the product.The absence of cracks, chips and characteristic areas without glaze plumbing self-respecting company.

Where kings go on foot?

hard to believe that a few centuries ago, humanity had no latrines special corners in their homes.Suffice it to recall that the "ancestor" was an ordinary toilet pot, which lived under the bed in the bedroom.

The first toilet seat with cistern was invented for Queen Elizabeth in 1596.

Early devices to perform procedures for the release of the body of excess consisted of two parts: the bowl and pipe - pallet.As a result of a long process of "evolution" of the subject in 1883, the head Englishman Thomas Tvayforda came a brilliant idea to create a coherent model.It was called the "toilet", which means "unity".The device was made of faience and wooden seat.

Ode modern plumbing

sanitaryware production in modern society is at a level that, along with the usual, the market received a model toilets completely fantastic designs:

  • options for wall or floor;
  • suspended, ladders or freestanding design;
  • with Turkish bowls;
  • concealed in the wall of a storage tank;
  • with drain directly from the tap;
  • programmed remove odors;
  • coated with antibacterial glaze, which include silver;
  • with the application of water-repellent glaze;
  • heated seats;
  • electronically controlled control room;
  • with automatic rinse and flush;
  • an audio device that simulates the sound of water (especially for the budget conscious and shy persons);
  • installed with "antivsplesk."

is no limit to human ingenuity, and flights of fancy!Modern sanitary ware - is not just a functional and necessary in every home or office everyday objects.This model, simplifying and facilitating Life in the fast century technologies.