What is tempered glass: especially the production, processing and applications

In the interior spaces and facades of buildings Glass found the widest application.Without it is impossible to imagine any of the window construction and the manufacture of furniture has long been a transparent perspective view of the business.However, along with the positive qualities have drawbacks: on the break formed pieces with sharp edges that may cause an accident.To prevent such situations, use tempered glass (Stalin), which, if damaged, breaks up into many small particles.

Manufacturing The manufacturing process is almost identical to the standard technology.By thermal treatment of a mixture of sand and quartz to a viscous state forms a transparent mass, which is shaped by rolling sheets.

Then, to change the physical properties of products required procedure repeated tempering.Professional manufacturer of tempered glass is made by heating the surface up to 700 ° C and then blown by a stream of cold air to cool down faster.As a result of such exposure occurs on the glass surface compression stress, which is the cause of increased mechanical stability.However, with increasing load is a rapid destruction of the entire surface of the product - it shatters into many small fragments with non-acute edges.

Before installing glass should carefully review its physical parameters.


With the technology of manufacturing tempered glass acquires a unique performance.They are expressed in high-security applications and almost complete elimination of accidents - cuts and injuries.

In addition, it is worth noting the increase in strength compared to ordinary glass.Maximum load on the surface may be around 300 kg per 1 m.Significant changes in temperature and do not affect the change in the properties of the product.But tempered glass has several disadvantages:

  • After producing surface treatment almost impossible.Cutting tempered glass can be carried out only with the help of special equipment - diamond blade with continuous water cooling.
  • high cost compared to standard products.
  • increase in the proportion.

unique properties of tempered glass make it possible to use it in many spheres of life.

processing and cutting

Restructuring tempered glass directly affects the procedure of processing.This refers to the change in product configuration, drilling and so on. D. To give the glass the desired shape it is best to perform all the work hardening before the procedure.

But it is not always possible - in some cases it is necessary to cut a ready-made product.If there is a special procedure for the machine tool configuration changes will not be difficult.It is enough to specify a specific program cutting.Hand-processed glass is very problematic.But in some cases it is possible.It should immediately be noted that using a conventional glass cutter workpieces with a maximum thickness of 5 mm.For the partial withdrawal of the surface tension of tempered glass is rubbed with solvent "white spirit".Then in one motion you need to make an incision through which the break occurs.Efforts to separate the attached small, and in any case can not tap on the glass.


Due to the unique properties of tempered glass can be used in many fields: from installation in window design and ending with the manufacture of luxury furniture.Its durability and safety have become fundamental factors such popularity.

But the main purpose of tempered glass is still the production of transparent structures for the facades of buildings.To create a panoramic view using large size structures.Since the weakest point of tempered glass is its end, then care should be taken until its installation on the window frame.In the future, the design successfully withstand high wind loads and mechanical impact.


In appearance to distinguish from ordinary tempered product is virtually impossible.The result is revealed only when broken, or when the question arises, how to cut tempered glass?This is necessary for the selection of optimal technology configuration changes.If you try to cut the usual glass of the machine with diamond disc, the result may cause it to damage, broken.

There are several ways to identify the difference:

  • special device to determine the type of glass.It is used in the workplace.
  • different sounds when a mild tapping.Cullen surface wave resonates in a low tone.The sound is muffled.
  • When viewed through polarized lenses on the surface of tempered glass you can see the contours of the small grid.

But the best way is the use of a point of the device.Its cost is relatively high, but it quickly cover possible damages in production resulting from the processing of the products are not.