Splined connection.

splined connection - a connection the male and female surface (shaft hole).Slots and grooves are used, which are usually radially arranged manner in place of engagement.This compound has a sufficient strength and ensures concentricity of the shaft and the hole.The main advantage is that the item can be moved in the axial direction.

splined connection: classification

As you know, there are several ways to fix the two parts by means of the slot.The various conditions using different methods.There involute spline connection.Pryamobochnyh they differ from the shape of the tooth (the side surface) and depressions.They have a few undeniable advantages, such as the transmission of high torque (Nm) and high precision alignment under considerable stress.If we talk about pryamobochnyh compounds, the main advantages is the ease of manufacturing and low cost.There are also triangular slots, but they are used less often.Most often fixed at the attachment parts with a small torque.Quite often they are used in thin-walled sleeves.They use other types of connections are not considered acceptable for a number of technical reasons.

drills and spline connections

In some cases, you want to fix the pulley shafts or gear.If you need another and transfer a large torque is used drills and involute spline connection.With regard to keys, the prisms are widely used, due to the ease of installation.The main issue is that sometimes you have to make it possible to move parts in the axial direction.In this case, a loose fit, a key attached to the shaft by screws.If you want to create a secure connection to the lightly loaded place, suitable woodruff key, which has a short length.The main difference between the splines that uses more and smaller teeth projections.The compounds are of 3 types: legkorazemnye, tugorazemnye and fixed.Every year machining techniques allow to achieve the best results with all the technological point of view.This high precision alignment, the interchangeability of defective parts, and more.

how to solve problems with the propeller shaft?

Now let's look at the effectiveness of splines.In this case, the slot is used to adjust the length of the shaft, which is required to ensure alignment units during installation were inaccuracies.The thrust bearing and the actual slot lubricant is supplied by means of nipples.The most commonly used grease.Since the length of the propeller shaft is that lubricant in many cases does not reach all the operating units of the friction, it is advisable to reduce the channels through which flows the oil or other liquid.You can use a transparent insertion.They make possible visual inspection and timely supply of lubricant in assembly friction.Moving to plug served as long as possible, use a brass insert that tucked into the spline.Of course, this can significantly reduce the wear parts.In principle, the propeller shaft splines reliable and easy to maintain, but it is not without drawbacks.

methods centering

There are several ways to align the center pryamobochnyh splines.One of them - on the outside diameter.To this end the shaft is milled and then polished along the outer diameter.Incidentally, this is the cheapest and most effective method of centering.The sleeve is pulled mechanically.This method is used when the surface of the sleeve hole is not subjected to a heat treatment or thermal refining.If we talk about expensive method, it is centered on the inner diameter.The fact that the shaft is milled and then polished on the side surfaces.The method is applicable only in the preliminary heat treatment of the shaft and sleeve.To obtain a uniformly distributed load for each slot, use centering on the sides.The hole and shaft are improved heat.Most often this is used for centering of compounds with a higher torque and a considerable load.

few important points

As noted above, the spline and spline connections are used to prevent rotation of the two parts relative to each other.Before you install the item on the shaft, it is tested for strength, which allows you to choose the best technical characteristics, such as material, size, weight.If we talk about the percentage prevalence of splines, the pryamobochnyh occupy about 80%, and involute and triangular leaves just 10%.Depending on the workload of the compound selected series of articles, which can be mild, moderate or severe.It is important to pay attention to the presence of lubricant in the compound, especially if it is movable.The absence of mineral oil or hard material will cause it to increase the coefficient of friction.And this is - increased wear of joints and decrease the efficiency of the whole assembly.Oil or grease is carried out centralized automatic stations (if the number of nodes in more than 50 pieces) or mechanically.


important point - is the restoration of keyways and splines.Of course, sometimes it is easier to perform replacement, but when this is not possible, then use the capacity.If simple words, then by welding restore the original state of the product.Most often used arc welding followed by grinding (with a large wear).Sometimes it happens that the designation does not allow the splines to repair.This happens when they legkorazemnye and are not intended for regrinding.To the node does not fail, you must avoid any run-out in the mix.To provide this in several ways, for example, installation of special gaskets.Here, in principle, and all you can say about that is splined and why it is needed.