Changing the form of: a caterpillar turns into a butterfly

enchanting beauty and mystery of the appearance of a beautiful butterfly, like the sarcophagus of the dead - the cocoon, it captures the minds of many people.The birth of a new being - always a spectacle, but when it goes to that stage 3 changes, it is a genuine interest in the process.Modern equipment allows us to trace how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

little history

story of butterflies has its roots in the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era.It was at that time the most developed flowering plants, which caused the appearance of lepidopteran insects.

known species of butterflies found in amber, the era of the Paleogene.They are not much different from modern species of these insects, so, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly today, as it happened millions of years ago.

Today butterfly - the most abundant species of insects, it has about 160 000 species, and are found throughout the world except Antarctica.

first and second stages of the butterfly life cycle

this beautiful insect is dedicated to finding a mate, mate and lay eggs.Each species of butterflies a time period of transformation from caterpillar to adult, it can last a maximum of three years.

butterfly lays eggs not anywhere, and especially quiet picks a leaf, where they will be safe.Moreover, they have laid the instinct to plant species that are suitable for this purpose.Hatched from eggs not track "in its" leaf can pick food.

Once the caterpillar gnaws egg and gets out, all of its actions - is food.It begins with the fact sheet, which was born, and then goes further.When the caterpillar population increases sharply, they can cause irreparable damage to forests, fruit trees and even the grain harvest.

During its existence in the body of the caterpillar insect is rapidly gaining weight, so close several times clears the skin.After the last molt, often the fourth or fifth, the caterpillar begins to prepare for "dormant" in a cocoon.Some of them only a few days to eat well, to gain strength and nutrients, and pack themselves into a cocoon.

life in a cocoon

To survive in the period of "inaction" and insecurity, the caterpillar finds a leaf, branch or tree trunk, which can be seamlessly "stick" a solid silk thread, they are isolated from the abdomen.

To understand how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, you should look into it the ability to behave properly prepare for this.

glued to the selected surface, the caterpillar hangs on a silk thread and begins to wrap itself around her calf.This happens gradually, but it's important, when wrapping caterpillar cocoon attached to his view similar to leaves, buds or stems of the chosen plant it.

The similarities are so obvious that only a very observant eye can detect a cocoon on its surface.This is done to a defenseless caterpillar did not find and did not eat.

like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly inside the cocoon can be seen only with special equipment making shooting in the laboratory.This process is so slow and secretive, that observe it in nature is impossible.

stocks that managed to put his body caterpillar is enough to power for its metamorphosis into a butterfly.

The publication

The mystery of how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, forcing scientists to study each time, shoot and capture that moment for curious children and adults.

Normally, the birth of a beautiful insect happens at sunrise, when still not hot, and is mildew on plants.Cocoon literally bursts like a ripe fruit, and from gradually selected a new creature, the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, pictures clearly show it.

First butterfly is very weak, its crumpled wings and do not have resilience and strength, so it clings to the stem, leaf or branch to "break" to stretch and dry the wings.As they straighten and dry out, they become more dense and elastic.Sometimes a butterfly that requires a couple of hours.

Once the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, she changed "priorities" in life.If larval stage of its existence, the main need was food, it is now the goal of the insect - to continue their family and start the cycle over again.The first thing that makes a new creature - a search for a partner to fertilize.

interest in butterflies

Butterflies deservedly recognized as one of the most beautiful species of insects on the planet.Their amazing transformation from crawling and ever-munching caterpillars to winged beauties especially fascinates children.

to make a documentary and animated films on the theme "How the caterpillar turns into a butterfly" for children.Perhaps this is a wonderful way to wake up the child a genuine interest in the world around him.

Since the interest in butterflies, children, subsequently, are interested in other types of fauna and flora.Thus, there is the child's introduction to the planet on which he lives, and its inhabitants.