How to repay?

about how to repay the debt, reflects a large number of people.Perhaps there are few people who do not give cash to their friends, family or friends for a loan, and then return.This trend is seen - the closest friends or relatives, the longer they are in no hurry to return the debts and the harder it is to ask for the return of the debt lender.In this case, there is the psychological aspect - do not want to spoil relations with relatives or friends.

How to return the debt that you loaned?The question is how you drew up your relationship with the lender - amounted to a loan agreement and the transfer of money the borrower to write a receipt or not.

If you still intend to borrow money - Make the correct receipt, the borrower has to write his own hand in your presence.

often taken for registration of parties appeal to the notary office.In this case, the notary explains that the notarization of receipts is required.

The receipt must necessarily be the word "receipt", which entitles

document then indicate who is who and under what conditions takes cash.These money-lender and the borrower's surname, first name and patronymic, passport data, place of residence and address registration.Next, specify the period for which borrow money and agree to pay when.Date of return should be specifically defined.At the end of receipts shall be signed, full name and date of preparation of sure.In the event that a receipt is framed incorrectly, but it somehow framed, it can also be used in court as evidence of the loan, but the court may have many questions.

close relatives or friends, many money lend
without issuing any documents, under the "word of honor."The money given in debt, the timing of the refund has already passed, the question arises - how to repay the debt without a receipt?

Any written documents may serve as evidence in court - preliminary correspondence with the borrower, the proof of direction in his address your claim and his response to it.Other written evidence could be all documents relating to the loan: the acts, statements, business records.

In addition, when the question arises of how to repay the debt, the emergence of the documents which you have not, you can submit to the court the following evidence.Any audio and video recordings may provide evidence in this case, you must explain how, when and under what circumstances, and what technical means has been recorded.

If you have any question about how to repay the debt, may serve as strong evidence of the police documents.This is done as follows.You apply an appropriate statement to the police.In your application you will receive 100% refusal to institute criminal proceedings.Your task is to the employee reflected the body of inquiry to explain that he would take the debtor, that he recognizes the fact of receipt of the money you borrowed.

In the future, in order to have not raised the question of how to repay the debt, in spite of any close relationship, execute all documents.