Duplicity people why they?

None of us likes to hypocrites.And while everyone considers himself a sincere and open person, which is surrounded by extremely two-faced people.Why is that?We often ask ourselves this question.It seems that you know the person inside and out, think he's honest with you, tells you everything you think and, of course, you never discuss with others.But disappointment and this "friend" distinguished himself as a two-faced Janus.We feel a grudge against the whole world and proudly declare that in the world there are no more honest people.But why on the other, we are always ready to say that they are two-faced people, and about himself - not?We should approach this issue from the point of view of psychology.

downside - unconscious

Psychologists distinguish two layers of the psyche: consciousness and unconsciousness.So, the conscious part to reach only those representations of ourselves that we like and we take confidence.But there are no perfect people.Objectionable Features ruthlessly suppressed and supplanted.But they remain rooted in us and in our unconscious.Sometimes these ideas break through to the conscious layer, causing us to behave is not the most ideal way.So it appears our "second mask", which of course we do not recognize and tried to justify himself, to find numerous explanations for his behavior.It turns out that the two-faced people - it's all around, but not us.A man so used to show the world only positive and endorses its quality, which already did not recognize his negative traits.Many people from my childhood quite well begin to use its duplicity in dealing with others, which will undoubtedly bring great benefit to them (at work, in your personal life).Then the question arises: "And is it bad to be duplicitous, if this many pros?"

duplicity in our lives

as the voice of many quotes about the two-faced people, a man so accustomed to his mask (which he is the world), she becomes his face.It is very easy to cross the border, when a man forgets his true "I", as he is constantly adjusted to the situation, like a chameleon, and begins to pretend to himself.Such two-faced people, in fact, deeply unhappy, although others and themselves, they demonstrate a good mood.Most brightly such example can be seen in the work of S. Maugham's "Theatre."The fact that the problem is the order of stuffed on edge, as evidenced by numerous statuses about the two-faced people are constantly appearing on the social networks.Modern society is completely saturated with market relations, extremely lacks sincerity and directness.For example, you can read this status, "We are long enough to pretend to others that in the end begin to pretend to ourselves."Truth and lies, hypocrisy and sincerity too intertwined with each other, and we can not distinguish one from another.We can mention one more quote: "When you're in a room alone with him, I'm afraid to open the door and no one there to see."Hypocrisy, of course, allows you to get some benefits, but is the loss of his own "I" is worth it?