What question can not be answered "no"?

In life, sometimes there are tricky situation when you do not know what to do, what to say interlocutor.Some questions put us into a dead end.There are a variety of situations, including the comic, when friends ask something, waiting for an unusual response.If you think about what question can not be answered "no" or "yes" under any circumstances?Thinking logically, it becomes clear that such proposals should begin with the words "how", "what", "how", "what", "where", "why".They are impossible to answer positively or negatively, because the source requires specifics.

What question can not be answered "no" because it is the one that initially involves a positive response.Very often it is utter nonsense, and the examples are many: you breathe easy, are you alive?If we turn to the voice of reason, you will see a list of questions that can be answered in the negative in theory, but in practice it would be inappropriate, ugly, or even life-threatening.For example, the chief at work asks to make some difficult project or take a demanding client, even though it does not perform like, but sometimes it is impossible to refuse.What question can not be answered "no", so it is: whether you like their parents, and so on. D.

In life, sometimes there are situations when in a conversation with someone on his remark had nothing to say.From the point of view of linguistics, there is a question that can not be answered.It was originally founded answer, so the source can only think, to reflect on what was said.To do this, coined a special term "rhetorical question", it is often used by writers in literary works, poems, and philosophers have resorted to it in order to emphasize a certain logic, meaning.In fact, this statement, though expressed in a question form.

If we look at the problem, what question can not be answered at all, you should pay attention to those who, on the one hand, are rhetorical, and on the other - humanity has not yet found them a clear, logical, and most importantly, the correct answer.Though in the past century, we have made significant progress in many areas, but still a lot we do not know.Every year, various publications draw up a list of questions covering sometimes very serious topics.For example, if there is in fact God, what will happen after death, there is life in other galaxies, when the world ends, and so on. D.

Very often teachers give students assignments comic figure out what question can not be answered.No, of course, theoretically possible to come up with an excuse for everything, but it will not always correct and logical.There are some questions that are a joke, or the beginning of philosophical reasoning.For example, why should disinfect the injection site before the lethal injection, what will happen to the man if he was scared half to death twice, and so on. D. There are many questions, sometimes they occur in the comic or logical tests.