Ro-Hun Therapy: a return to past lives

Therapist Karen Le Drian - the so-called "Ro-Hun therapy" and return to the past life.

- What is Ro-Hun Therapy?

KD .: Just do something Ro-Hun Therapy helps a person to enter into direct contact with the soul and get the information, which go beyond his present life, which proves that we do not live once.Throughout my practice for over twenty years, I have met many people who, through Ro-Hun Therapy know the different circumstances of his past lives, and it helped them get rid of the most urgent issues related to their present life.

- As soon as we start talking about past lives, then immediately mean reincarnation.So, you can refer to it when the Buddhist religion?

KD .: Reincarnation is not unique to Buddhism.This was discussed in due time and in the Old Testament, but later because of the disagreement of some hierarchs of the time this information has been removed from the scripture.When people talk about reincarnation, it is often the human body is compared with another car in which the soul is infused.This comparison is taken without reason, because when we, for example, buy a new car and keep it in good condition, it is easily able to pass at least 250 000 km, it is the life of a car can reach 15 years or more.On the other hand, if we do not attach any importance to the care, you will very quickly all kinds of damage.

The same can be said of the physical body.In this case, only the soul leaves his body-worn a car and some time is in the secretive state, called latency period.I would like to emphasize that the soul reincarnated immediately into another body.The waiting period can vary from 50 to 100 Earth years.That is, before the reincarnated soul should like to absorb the entire previous experience, and this is what the Buddhists call karma, you have every reason to circumstances last lived life on earth.It

to find unresolved issues that remain from past lives, and it is necessary to travel there.I have a lot of examples where the problem remained unsolved.For this reason, the journey in the past lives can be quite useful, as it will see firsthand the past mistakes in a specific situation and thus to understand that, at last, subsequently gave rise to this difficulty.

- With the help of which one can achieve this state, and why do return to past lives?

KD .: I would like to emphasize that I'm not the person to decide for anyone who comes to me, to experience past lives sessions.With Ro-Hun Therapy can be expanded consciousness and therefore provide a quick access to this kind of memory.It differs from other methods that, in order to achieve the experience of past lives require total relaxation.I always warn people that in conjunction with their current life, the result experienced incarnation can become quite destructive, so you should try to relate to what they see peace.Otherwise, it will bring more damage.

Administration in past lives used to ensure that we learn as much as possible ourselves in general, and especially as the positive and negative aspects of who we used to be accumulating.Typically, at the beginning of therapy revealed primarily negative side.Therefore, the goal is to resolve the problems, transform them and thus permanently get rid of them.

So a person comes to me in the Ro Hume therapy, and suddenly it turns out that he is very strong, uncontrollable fear of something, such as a fear of the water or the crowd.This can occur in childhood, but not necessarily that it was caused by some event in this present life.

In this case, in general, we are dealing with an unresolved problem in a previous life.Sometimes these fears really hinder us.I can say that I myself suffered from claustrophobia, which was rooted in past lives.

Thus, there is no need to know every detail everything that happened to us before, but you just find that particularly disturbs us, to be able to grasp the key point, and finally understand why we wanted to go through that experience.During our sessions, you must take full responsibility for everything that happens to us.It is also important that the person was aware of its importance at the moment, had complete freedom of will and choice.A man who is afraid of water, finds, for example, that in a previous life he was overtaken by shipwreck.Of course, such an event is extremely dramatic, so if he re-experience, the voltage will be incredibly strong.

On this basis, the benefit of experience is reduced mainly to the fact that, having received clear information to lower the voltage of the tragedy, to be able to overcome this and to be healed.

- specifically, what you do with your patients?

KD .: There are two options: the first - when during a session of Ro-Hun therapy patient spontaneously arise pictures of the past life, and thus he will be able to visit some circumstances last.In the second case, people come to me with a specific request to enter directly into the state of past life regression.Here, as they say, everyone chooses.

- And do you see or hear what is going on with your patients?

KD .: Yes, it's a kind of personal skills, as I call them.In fact, at the time when I see off patients in their past lives, it contributes to the expansion of consciousness and I have the most, leading to a state of clairvoyance.Maybe it's some kind of special gift directly related to past lives, for reasons that are not entirely clear to me.During the session, I have seen the picture in unusually bright colors, such that you will not see with the eyes, it just gives me the opportunity to anticipate some of the scenes.But I'm not bothering the patient to follow the direction he chose.The very same process takes place in the form of questions and answers.

At least, this is the only opportunity to find out what he saw me and my patient has a general focus.And in order to better understand, I give him a picture of what he saw.Everyone knows that there are devices to invest simultaneously in 6 CDs.Can you imagine the same thing, only with thousands of discs!

When you walk into a past life, you can say that you remove a CD from thousands of disks.Sometimes it is the drive, which, for example, above and corresponds precisely to that theme, we have just started to discuss in the course of the procedure.This in turn causes the imposition of related stories from other places, but it helps to find a consistent sense even in the most complicated cases.

I have observed this phenomenon with other doctors who treated sufficiently biased to such procedures.So, taking this opportunity, I say this to our readers.Although some of my colleagues are still ready to study this phenomenon.However, it is important to know that is absolutely not enough to start this kind of sessions, having been in our courses a few times.After all, what I'm doing can be considered a separate profession where everything has to be very clear and ethical, there can be no accidents.Today, unfortunately, there are many people who consider themselves a psychotherapist, who do not have all the necessary knowledge of the status.

is not to say that such people are dangerous, however, to me sometimes treated patients who were on the past life sessions with other specialists (with whom I do not know).They are usually in a state of despair because of that blocked their minds on what they saw: no dialogue accompanied them, not soothed and explained the situation.Thus, instead of healing, they have earned themselves a mental disorder.

- What kind of people come to your office?

This, above all, those who can not establish their relationships with others.They are in the so-called subjective view, that is, it is quite difficult to find a common language as a close friend, and with people in general.But often it is those who feel unhappy, lonely, and also those who have a loved one, but they wanted to improve relations with them.

In this case, rooted in the past can be quite interesting and more open to you.For example, if your relationship in marriage you seem incredibly complex, then when you go into something amazing repository of memory and catch the key point, it will give the opportunity to finally understand the reason why you are having these problems today.

In fact, you will come to the conclusion that nothing is accidental;it's not luck, but rather the fact that in one of your past lives, you do the same and were not the best partner.It is possible you were tyrannical, unpleasant, and maybe even very cruel.So now everything is turned in the opposite direction, and it is your turn to endure what was once tolerated your spouse.

valuable in this case, in my opinion, is that, learning can be much reduce the problem, and perhaps even completely get rid of it, thus clearing the energy field, even where it all happened.

But not only that.This procedure can also detect and resolve many other issues related to health and.For example, someone suffering from this type of disease that no one can not only heal, but also to determine.

Suppose, in one of his past lives in the Middle Ages, and perhaps even earlier, the man had suffered from this disease, like leprosy.Since the body retains a heavy memories such as weathered leprosy or some other serious disease, it can be reborn, and now, that is in the memory of this life.Therefore, at a time when a person is reviewing its history, it is fully aware of the bitterness experienced and at the same time sees it in terms of what this experience was necessary for it for reasons that relate only to himself.

He understands that at the moment you need to re-think the suffering experienced once his physical body.This realization leads directly to the disappearance of symptoms.So, as you can see, we can cover a fairly wide range of issues.

This procedure is also suitable for those who do not have major difficulties in their present existence or in relationships or health.These people mainly come for a deeper knowledge.I still close the term "extended cognition" or "liberation of the soul" rather than "self-discovery", which implies a selfish direction.

Through this approach, they will be able to connect to a higher level - the level of spiritual life and concentrate on a life dedicated to humanity as a whole or on any human affairs to enable them to strengthen their initiatives in a particular way.On the other hand, I also engaged with those who consider themselves endowed with special qualities or nothing.However, reading them the energy sector, I see clearly that it is not.In any case, the so-called superpowers in their energy field is not displayed.With memories of their past lives, they tried to prove the existence of such abilities, but this approach is not recommended.

- So, if I understand correctly, in the end, everything that happens to us in this life is directly related to a past life.And it means that we are already preparing for the future.

KD .: Absolutely.I will say that our real life and one that has been since the inception of the original life - is a consequence and an expression of what we represent.No matter how it constructively, but we are living, in my view, an incredible number of lives, which are reflected in real life.

Of course, if we go through life in the right direction, that is, with love, not selfishness, give rather than to receive, this is real life in the consciousness of our growth will significantly change course.

is enough to change the whole set of data, which, of course, are incredibly numerous and have a desire to prepare their future - a new future.It will no longer have anything to do with the fact that it would have in the case, if we remain indifferent to its inner workings.

- in other words, need work on their spirituality, which opens a prospect?

KD .: Absolutely, need work on their soul and mind.After all, the soul can express a huge number of all kinds of data, a variety of information.The more people will pay attention to work on yourself, so it will be more loving, will be balanced and equitable, and that means his life will be transformed for the better.

- You worked as a psychotherapist in Geneva, you have your own room, but you will also still write on your account for several books.Could you tell us the names of these books, and where to find them.And also we would like to get the address of your site.

KD .: I have written so far only two books related to the subject of past lives and Ro-Hun therapy.The first book titled «Le coeur a des raison que la raison ignore» («The heart is the reason that ignores itself") - is an autobiography, and a second book - is its continuation.It was drawn up after a twenty-year quest called «Le syndrome de Separation» («division Syndrome").In addition, there is also a book called ("The integration of chemistry of consciousness"), published edition of Ariane.

Cabinet Karen le Drian in Switzerland, in Geneva.

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