"Alfa-Bank": credit cards, reviews, comments

If you have already had a practice of receiving wages onto the card, then you - credit card "Alfa-Bank."Reviews suggest that the experience of use of a debit card "addiction" to the easy credit banking product is faster.To take this step makes sense, for example, to carry out a major family purchase.You do not need a long time to accumulate the wages accumulating the required amount in the payroll debit card.It offers Internet service, "Alfa-Bank."To do this, use the menu: products "Alfa-Bank" / credit cards.Reviews banks say about the convenience of the service.In addition, with this tool you are able to borrow money from the bank is not pre-paying "non-productive" days, and immediately before the acquisition.If you are not paid in cash, taken from an ATM on a map, but by acquiring the received doubly prudent saving on bank charges for withdrawals from the card account.

Another factor of choice is developed corporate ATM infrastructure serving for the company "Alfa-Bank" credit cards.Reviews you also make sure it is secure.From the experience of receiving the salary is already old acquaintances are standard card details: 16 digit card number, 10-digit card account number.But, as you know, the new credit will be additionally attached credit line.

Arriving at the bank, be sure to have a specific time to spend on the design.It should carry not only your passport with an identification number, but also evidence of the dynamics of their income - tax reference 2-PIT.If the loan amount is significant, it will help to reduce interest rates on vehicle certificate, passport (if traveling abroad in the past 12 months), the policy of voluntary insurance.Office to which you have addressed, issued special documents - loan application.By filling it, you will need to wait a review by the credit committee, to get a positive result from the company "Alfa-Bank" credit cards.Reviews indicate that the common practice of domestic banks, approval of loan applications, "Alfa-Bank" quite expeditious.

determine which currency the loan will be beneficial to you.When buying on the domestic market - in rubles, while traveling in Europe - the euro, if the host country is dominated by the dollar payments, in dollars.Although, in principle, universal cards, but, as you know, buying in local stores on dollar credit entail additional conversion fee, which can be avoided by initially opening the card in rubles.

makes sense to consult with employees about the optimal separation of cash withdrawal limit, especially for overseas operations will need the credit card."Alfa-Bank" suggests moderate interest, in this regard do not worry.The credit limit for individuals range from 10.8 to 450 thousand. Rub.The range of interest rates for ruble loans - 17.99 / 28.99 for the same currency - 15,99 / 26,99.The period of withdrawal from the credit without interest for them (grace period) is 60 days.But in the case of stocks, it increases up to 100 days!That is, in this period and the borrower must pay to the Bank.

What do you choose from the company "Alfa-Bank" Credit cards?Reviews view makes no sense, everything is standard.Guests can choose between Visa, MasterCard, MasterCard PayPass, Visa PayWave.The bottom line is that if all of the above embodiments, "classic" credit limit is 150 thousand. Rub., 5 th. USD 3.8 thousand. Euro.

If your income fall under the category of "gold" credit card, then it will be selected in the "premium class".There is a card category GOLD, opening a special club benefits and services in hotels when traveling.In this case, the credit lines would amount to 300 thousand. Rub., 10 thousand. US $ 7.6 thousand. Euro.For business trips abroad wealthy citizens who appreciate comfort and quality service, it is best suited card category PLATINUM.Loans under this class of card involves credit lines of 750 thousand. Rub., 25 thousand. US $ 19 thousand. Euro.

The agreed term of consideration of your bank loan application 1-5 days.Good luck!