What is the data?

data - a variety of types of information, systematized by certain parameters through the form.What is the data?Conventionally, this is all that can be counted, and to summarize, present in the form of a specific sequence or set of formulas or numeric expression.That is all the information a particular subject area, which can be placed in a pattern or matrix.


Accepted provide the basic data types on the basis of their characteristics, values ​​(semantics) and the operations that can be done with them.The most widely used numerical data, cash, character, time and date.

Base: definition and history

Database (DB) - a set of data organized for optimal interaction and obtain quick access to them.This system allows the user to work with large volumes of information resources, spending a minimum of time and effort.Base - the object is constantly changing its state with respect to the entered data.The most important advantage of the database is the fact that when working with information we do not ask the question, what data and in what order they should be administered?All information resources, entered into the computer, is automatically distributed and systematized in the database.The appearance of it can be traced to 1955, when we have learned to process data with a programmable model file and store them on punch cards.

Types of bases and their functions

databases are centralized and distributed.The centralized database is a single organization structure, access to which in its entirety from any computer.Distributed database is made up of disparate segments stored on different machines on a network.Such information is combined with a special control system.

base also may vary by location, and they can be local or network.As a repository of information used by the external memory (hard disk), memory or optical server drives.

any data operations are carried out with the help of management systems - special programs.They carry out the following steps:

  • create a database;
  • content;
  • storage;
  • access security and privacy;
  • data movement and their interaction with other programs;
  • adjustment;
  • search;
  • final formation of the responses to questions.

Simplistically operation of any control system can be represented as follows: creation of a new database - data entry and editing - processing of information in the database (that is the data which are present in the data base, as they may be grouped) - output.


data table for storing information in a database used by the data table.Such a framework is needed to determine the address of data in the database, it is generated by the intersection of rows and columns in the table.The database structure is defined fields (columns), and the content - records (rows).

What is the data?These are variables that can be substituted in a certain field.The fields created by certain types of data: date and time, integers, currencies, symbols.Each field has its own properties, which determine the type of input data, the operations that can be done with them, as well as the number of input characters.Paul, you can specify the name and signature, length, and other values.Thanks to modern technology database work process information has become as quick and convenient, and electronic devices carrying out the work, gained compact form and available to each management system.

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