What to tell your fingers

Trying to create a psychological portrait of a person, we, first of all, look at his eyes, speech, gestures, handwriting, gait.But hardly anyone looks at his fingers, and yet they can tell about a person, no less eye or gestures.

People with long and short fingers .
first can be very diligent, may well go into the details.But people with short (especially with knotty) fingers see better overall.Therefore, the best administrators, managers, directors of large enterprises, generals, etc.- People with short fingers.For such a way of life people with long fingers are not suitable, although they are more thoughtful, patient, caring, often softer and calmer in handling people with short fingers.However, too short for large fingers hand indicate mental retardation, and the owners are too long fingers - this is the type of people lost in the details, timid and do not have a broad outlook.

thumb characterizes the individuality of the person and a great deal can be said about him.The top joint of the thumb characterizes the will and initiative, the second joint, the logic, and the third, the lower joints - our heartfelt cause.The degree of manifestation of these qualities can be judged by the length of the respective joints.If a person hides his thumb (fist in his pocket, etc.), so he hides his identity or his intentions.The node between the second upper and joints is called a "node independence", and the node between the second and lower joints - "node symmetry."The more developed these sites, the more developed and the quality.

If Finger in length close to the length of the middle finger, it indicates that there is excitement in the nature of man, but at the same time is very short ring finger indicates the propensity to murder, especially if the finger is ugly and has damagednail.

The longer, stronger and more mobile pinky , the more skills a person to oratory, the autonomy and independence of his character and the richer gifted nature.Very few people can move independently of the other pinky fingers between this ability with a well-developed and long little finger points to the independence of our judgments and the presence of human freedom.(The length of the little finger is considered to be one that is above the fold on the length between the first (nail) and the second joint of the ring finger).A short little finger is little independence and inner freedom.People who have little pinky, predisposed for poetry, but often live under someone else's orders, not adventurous and do not show initiative.

Some hand forefinger, ring finger and little finger are curved somewhat toward the middle finger - all the fingers as if "look" in the middle.This indicates that a person does not put himself somewhat different from each other life goals, but rather outlining a goal, it is a firm step.Conversely, there are arms, which are bent fingers from the middle finger.These people are not able to concentrate.They are scattered in thought and deed, not reaching the goal.There is also a bending of the fingers in the direction of the little finger - a sign of unhappiness in the mind, and sometimes in life.

If you put your hand on the table, then on the fingers of one hand on the table, as it were flat, but on the other nail joints are bent up or down "look up or down."If the fingers are "looking up", then the more bent the nail joint, the more developed a curiosity, at the same time it points to the subtlety of feeling, courtesy, and partly waste.When concave upper joint to the palm there is frugality, reaching, depending on the field bending to avarice.

Well developed, moving the fingers point to the moving mind.Fingers undeveloped, bad bending - slowness of mind, often stupidity.

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