As discolored hair above the lip: friendly ways to get rid of dark hairs

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Modern women and girls just can not imagine how they would have lived so what nature created them: always in the exterior there is something that I want to fix, adjust, or at least disguise.This is the whole of our nature: we long to look attractive, we want to please men and to themselves.Some of the shortcomings of many of the fair sex come mustache: some are light and subtle, while others - black and conspicuous.It is clear that to get rid of unwanted gun seek many.There are several solutions to this problem, and let us learn how to discolor the hair above the lip.

Suitable for bleaching

Before entering the procedure makes the hair above the lip transparent and invisible, it is necessary to identify the cause of their appearance.The first option - hormonal disorders, an imbalance in the body.Brought to him prolonged courses of potent drugs, antibiotics, puberty, pregnancy or menopause.About these reasons we can say in a situation where you have previously facial hair was not, and then she appeared, and in large quantities.In this case, the doctor after examination prescribe hormones, which for a short time to get rid of unwanted hair.The second reason - a genetic predisposition, which is not eliminated drugs.In such cases, remove or lighten catching fluff, and now we'll show you how to discolor the hair above the lip.

Home depigmentation methods using hydrogen peroxide

women who have noticeable hair, but not black, fit any bleaching procedure.At home, the easiest to use hydrogen peroxide (3%), its wet cotton pad or tampon and to wipe the area of ​​growth of unwanted hair on the face 2 times a day.For one procedure result will not be noticeable, but in a few days they will be bright, brittle, and will cease to disturb.Those who are afraid to injure the delicate skin of the face, but wants to know how discolored hair without harm, we recommend adding a small amount of peroxide in shaving foam and apply as a mask for 10 minutes.Then rinse with water and lubricate the skin cream baby.For enhancing the effect of some added in the peroxide solution of ammonia (1 h. L. 2-3 drops of ammonia) or lanolin (in the ratio 1: 2).This mixture is also rubbed the hair a few days, but it causes irritation.Almond oil or petroleum jelly to help soothe reddened skin.The mixture of soap chips, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide - potent but highly aggressive agent which is applied as a foam on the skin, hold 15 minutes, and rinsed.

Other methods of self-bleaching facial hair

If you are afraid of chemical compounds, and lighten your hair still need to, we recommend to pay attention to people's ways:

  • lemon mask.1 egg protein to whip state foam added 2 h. L.lemon juice, mixed and applied as a mask for 15 minutes and then rinsed.
  • Acetic mask.Mix the lemon juice, water and vinegar, is applied as a mask to the problem area and wash off after an hour.Better to use a recipe on the night, as it causes redness and irritation of the skin.
  • Infusion milled walnut shell (walnut or cedar) on the water.
  • insist on vodka liquor from seeds of Datura.

How discolored hair above the lip cosmetics

You may not approached none of the proposed methods.As discolored facial hair without harm to health, without prejudice to the purse?In beauty salons and shops you can buy special tools, lightening creams.Note that such products are intended for removing hair on the face, and not on the body.We must follow the instructions, and after a couple of days will be noticeable results: the hair will be thinner and lighter than before.

salon procedures

Women with facial hair is very dark, it is not necessary to engage in an independent bleaching.Change the color of the vegetation on the face will look unnatural and repulsive.The beauty wizard will pick the appropriate color and will help to paint a mustache in that they do not contrast with the tone of the skin.As discolor dark hair to make them invisible, prompt only experienced professionals - home remedies are not suitable.

those who want to solve the problem radically, is to stock funds.To no longer wrestle with how to discolor the hair above the lip, and get rid of them once and for all, resort to laser removal, or hair removal.The course will consist of several procedures and require certain financial costs, but the result is worth it.The structure of the hair bulbs will change so that they stop growing altogether.

To remain attractive, use whichever method that emphasizes its natural beauty and mask the flaws!