A few tips on how to divorce his wife

divorce today are nothing new, and the fact that people decided to leave, it is no shock will be as it was before.There is even a saying that goes, that see the true face of the person is possible only after the divorce.

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Wanting to completely break off relations with his woman, the man has to decide where to divorce his wife for him better.For this there are two options: via the Registry Office or a court.More than a simple divorce by the first institution, but it should be noted that in such a situation, the administrative authority does not take responsibility for the division of property.Simply put, in the registry office a couple divorced and sent home.All.Claims couple already be put exclusively to each other.But this is where there is a risk that dishonest wife try to take away a larger share of joint property, and will leave my husband without a penny.You can, of course, within three years after the divorce file a civil suit.However, it will only help in that situation, if the property will not be sold and will further that divide.Analyzing how the right to divorce his wife, the man can try to break off relations with the help of the court.So you can save some property and divide it fairly.However, in such a situation, a woman can file a lawsuit and force a man to pay child support (if this will cause).

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marriage contract

How to divorce his wife?It is necessary to clarify that all marital property will be divided only in two.Children will have to remain with the mother, in rare cases, they can independently decide to which of the parents they want to go live.Apply for these two items is not a man.However, the whole thing changes signed during the marriage contract, which already can be individually negotiated various nuances.It is worth noting that the domestic document regulates only material relations, while in Europe it is possible to register even the annual number of visits to family-law or mother-in.

On the situation

Analyzing how to properly divorce his wife, the husband should remember that the main thing in this business - dry calculation and a cool head.For assistance, contact a lawyer, because of arguments which a man may be in a better position.However, in most cases, the victim somehow believe the lady.Therefore, during the divorce process is as important a man to behave not to be rude to his wife, and certainly not dismiss his hands.Well not to alienate the children (if any).In their relation to the father and the court may draw certain conclusions.

new relationship

Analyzing how to divorce his wife, the man must remember that the new relationship, the institution at the time of the divorce proceedings, will not play on the hand (if the divorce will be formalized in court).If you already have a favorite female, no one is to know about it is not necessary, it is better to stay with friends or parents.


Wanting to know how to divorce his wife, each man will be useful tip: never need to burn bridges.Let the couple did not work, and going through a divorce, but the best in such a situation not to lose his head and does not break off relations completely.Especially if a family has children together.Sometimes still somewhere have crossed somewhere communicate.Therefore it is better to ex-wife remain friends rather than bitter enemies.Or at least try to approach it.