Business People Psychology.

Businessman or profit loves or likes his job, and why it believes that its employees must also consider that the meaning of his zhizni.A people have no other worries and their own interests, and all dream until the morning sitting on the ecstatic and entuziazie.Predpriimchivyhpeople are a minority and that their enterprise is similar to an obsession or a person is not around in the detstve.Sredi business many people like little children, and they are cruel as children.If

in employment say that you are only interested in salary, the "child" may be red, but instead of tears of resentment, adult child begins to brutally nakazyvat.Est owners living habits considered himself a god and a connoisseur of the meaning of life,even if they do not realize it.

Enterprising people is an anomaly, which is good in moderation, in the world should govern the norm, but democracy is designed to protect the rights of minorities, and they behave like fat kids izbvlovannye American filmov.Nado show a sincere interest in their toys with them nyanchitsyain every possible way to reduce taxes, or they will start to roar and legs jerk.

This is normal, most have to pay taxes, even for a single wreck-bought, and continue to pay, tolerate higher prices for vodka, tobacco, electricity and standards endure vody.Lyudi in his country as detdomovskie.Potomu that the state provides no directpeople and business through intermediaries.

for "spoiled child" to do everything if "Masik wants vodka," he got it and did not notice that the price for the rest of the country vyrosla.A we have a recipe, "let them eat cake".

Our management does not understand how a nation deals Petra.Kak since the one company commissioned a study of peasants to open selhozproizvodstva in rural areas and among the findings were such, our people are not motivated to work as a western, it is more important to the community and opinionkollektiva.Prishlos us to remember we need methods kolhozov.Zachem capitalist farms? This farm to which a mediator in the form of host-nonsense.

Stolz we did not take root, our hero Oblomov and Russia is not the main question "what to do", and the like Oblomova- "why?". We have a philosophical mind but in the case of China, we are not Confucians with their discipline and rituals, andTaoists with their "spinning wheel axis is not due, and due to the void" with vodka .and we wake up Russian Zen: "What could be more foolish than to understand the mind by the mind" is "Mind Russia not understand ..."

We dearer mystical traditions of East and West is not rationalism, and even in the East, we choose the Tao and Zen, not Konfutsiya.Pri that our guide gives us a naive primitive for us, GDP and financial schaste.Pochemu we always sit in the leadership of the Western intellectualsor ours, but crippled the European obrazovaniem.Kto said that democracy is suitable for everyone?

My mystical consciousness tells me that a diligent student and a lawyer in addition to lost people obschestsva.Eto computers they need to go to Germany, where they have done everything poluchitsya.Chto honors employees of the Research Institute of our country for vidno.V some washed awayI raduyu scandals troechnikov in pravitelstve.Est chance that life will return to power.