What is the most dangerous profession?

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there is a special, which involve a risk to human health and life and the threat of dangerous situations.People engaged in such activities, receive allowances for risk compensation, additional days of leave, the possibility of early retirement and others. All kinds of payments envisaged by the legislation.

Here are below a list of objects that are heavy and pose a significant threat to human life, and the most dangerous profession - it is work in these areas:

  1. nuclear facilities.
  2. Hydraulic Engineering.
  3. Airport.
  4. Metropolitan.
  5. communication lines and power (voltage of 330 kW).
  6. Power.
  7. space industry.
  8. Seaports.
  9. rail transport industry.
  10. objects associated with the storage and disposal of toxic substances.
  11. works related to mining, which are held in the mountains directly under the ground.

hazardous work on statistics

the first place among the other is the most dangerous profession miner.The media constantly talk about accidents that often happen in the mines, and the death of people out there working.Statistics show terrible figures: 1 ton of coal accounts for one human life.Indicators of accidents in the mines of China, Ukraine and Russia are great.A life expectancy of miners striking: about forty-nine years.

second place on the dangers engaged in journalism.It is clear why this is the most dangerous profession, as journalists often have to visit the hot spots.And how many professionals were killed, hitting a hostage to bandits, or disappeared without a trace, was drawn into the political vortex.

There are individuals who love danger and extreme situations.There is a category of people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others.Therefore, for them a dangerous profession - this is the meaning of life.

at risk include police or firefighter profession.Indicators deaths are not as frightening as the first two cases.However, you should think twice before choosing a specialty.

What is the most dangerous profession in the world?Here are some data published in the United States:

  • workers in the fishing industry.
  • People associated with logging.
  • Workers airports: flight engineers and pilots.
  • Steelworkers.
  • staff related to waste processing industry.

is believed to be the head of state - is the most dangerous profession of all.Presidents, monarchs ... Is little we know of historical facts, when the leaders of the different countries do not die a natural death, and the hands of the most ardent opponents, died a violent death during the performance of their duties after the resignation, were executed?

By the way, one more shocking figures make you think: accidents happen at work more often with representatives of the male - in ninety cases out of a hundred.