The work bartender.

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work bartender, at first glance, quite modern, there was about a hundred years ago in Europe.And her first Soviet representative considered Karl Builders, who had served as a cook on a ship.Today, this work draws mostly young males, but not everyone will receive a high quality of the bartender.This work requires the diverse skills and the ability to quickly navigate the situation.Otherwise, long at this point you do not linger.

work bartender: Job Requirements

modern bartender to be a little psychologist, a little showman, always well-versed in the types of alcohol.It is desirable to be able to juggle at least a basic level.It seems that everything is not so difficult, but without certain skills and personal qualities can not expect to succeed at the bar.

With regard to special education, it is not a daily necessity.Although the employer, choosing between an erudite young man with higher education and a broad outlook and a guy who can just that pour water into a glass, of course, would prefer the first.So keep that in mind.

work bartender basically is the ability to accurately and quickly mix the cocktails.Therefore, without the knowledge of the art in any way.Useful good coordination and plastic movements.Yes, and look in the profession is also very important.On this depends the future earnings of the bartender - a tip because no one has yet been canceled.Visitors are pleasant to behold at the counter of a smiling handsome guy or a girl (in many institutions can be seen not only the bartender and barmaid).

Without which do not yet bartender job applicant?Of course, no communication skills and the ability to find common language with all customers, regardless of gender, age and financial situation.Well, if you develop your own style of communication - then you have your customers and increase earnings places that the most positive impact on wages.

Disadvantages profession bartender

Many young people believe that this is just a fairy tale, not a job.The bartender know yourself having fun, meet different people, have unrestricted access to drinks and it seemed my own boss.But in fact that's the pitfalls are and profession.Free access to alcohol can lead to big trouble, and its drawback - to fines.However, in some institutions, the owners themselves encourage alcohol addiction bartenders.You can drink, but not to the loss of memory.And drink a couple with a client - a holy cause.

Further, if you are quite attractive, it certainly will enjoy the attention from the opposite sex, that is, there will be both in love with you girl and jealous.

Finally, the work of a bartender is almost always provides for his bachelor status or divorced.After all, this sociable profession can not be combined with a happy family life.

Bartenders are required today in any city.And get this job or not - depends on you.Now you even know the basic pros and cons of the profession bartender.